Seattle Wedding Photography – Karen+Josh

A wedding day is usually a couple’s happiest day of their lives.  It’s a day when they can enjoy it for all its worth and is all about them.  For Karen+Josh, not only did they make their wedding day a celebration of their love, but really, they made it a celebration of close loved ones.  Every one of their closest family and friends arrived in Leavenworth Washington to share in the most happiest day of Karen+Josh’s lives.  Chris and I were so happy and honored to have enjoyed the weekend with the lovely couple and their loved ones that the pictures came effortlessly.

All of us stayed at the Sleeping Lady resort in Leavenworth in our private cabins.  We ate together, played together, and danced together the whole weekend.  The celebration continued into the wee hours of the wedding night where, after the reception, we all gathered around a fire pit to continue the good vibes.  It was like the best summer camp ever!  Chris and I made so many new friends and we could not have thanked Karen+Josh more.

Karen+Josh, congratulations!  Here’s to many, many more memorable nights to come!  For now, we hope you enjoy your wedding slideshow!




Click below to see their wedding show slideshow.

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2 Responses to “Seattle Wedding Photography – Karen+Josh”

  1. nora Says:

    xin and chris… omg… these are amazing i just had to comment… i love your style… everything is so natural, your photography style, how you capture emotions and expressions… natural natural natural which i love… i was able to see the entire story through this set of photos which has to be my favorite set so far… please keep it up! i’m a follower! :D

  2. Cindi Says:

    Awww…thank you so much, Nora!!! I’m so glad you’re a fan and what you said is so important to us because conveying the story was exactly what we wanted to do. We hope you continue to follow because this is such an exciting time for us! :)

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