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Seattle Portrait Photography – Theresa+Serimon+Kids

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

I’ve always loved the holiday season.  When the crisp, brisk, bite rolls into the air you just know that fabulous string of holidays closing out the year are just around the corner.  Aside from the holidays, and the omnipresent wafting seasonal latte smells, it’s the excuse to spend more time with my family that I look forward to most.

When it comes to families, there’s all kinds.  And when it comes to Theresa+Serimon+their 2 beautiful children, you can tell right away they’re the kind of family that truly loves… well, being a family.  These folks just fit together.  Like turkey+gravy.  Wait, no, sweeter… like apple pie+ice cream.

It was super chilly this past weekend when we met up for our shoot, but it wasn’t long past introductions that my heart melted.  Theresa+Serimon are super down-to-earth and kind folks.  You can’t help but feel completely at ease with them. Like those great friends you see not-often-enough.  And their little tykes Christian+Chloe? — Suave+Sassy.  And ever-so-well-behaved.  It was truly an honor to have the privilege of spending the day with this fam and capturing their precious moments.  I could go on, but I’ll spare you my word-fumbling and let the photos speak for the day.

Look at these cutie-pa-tuties!

Like Cindi and me, Theresa+Serimon LOVE photography. So it definitely meant a lot to us when they asked us to shoot for them.

Christian loves football and couldn't get enough of posing with it. :)

What a handsome little fella!


‘Tis the Season…

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

It is once again that time of the year.  Stores all across the country has already been stocking up and displaying Christmas decorations.  I swear, the older I get, the faster the holiday seasons come.  Every year during this time, I try to live my life at a slower pace to try to enjoy as much of the holidays as I can (as this is my favorite time of year) and to try to spend it with family.  This year though, Chris and I have decided to do something a little bit extra for those that need it.

A dear friend and old colleague of mine, Molly and her husband are active members of the Patrons of Cystic Fibrosis Guild.  Each year, the Guild hosts a gala that includes a silent and live auction to help raise money that help fund research towards finding a cure for this awful disease.  When Molly thought of Cindi+Chris Photography and asked us to donate our services, I was so thrilled and honored to have been asked.  There was no doubt in my mind…I wanted to help in any way I can and we’ve decided to donate an hour of our photography services to a deserving family/individual.  When I spoke to Molly some more, I found out that this disease affects many young children.  We’ll be honored to photograph anyone that wins our auction item, but it would be super special if a family that’s been affected by this disease received a chance to take holiday family pictures.  Chris and I hope to get more involved with this organization to help a chance to help more than just one person or one family.  Tis the season to pay it forward and this is a great way to start!