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Happy Holidays from C+C+C

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

As we celebrate this time of year with our families, we (Cindi, Chris, and Chewy) would just like to wish everyone a happy holiday season.  Be merry, eat lots, and stay safe.

Seattle Pup Photography – Winston+Bear

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Winston+Bear are good friends.  Probably more considered brothas from different mothas.  Winston belongs to Jackie, one of our upcoming 2012 brides, so I’m sure you’ll be meeting more of his fab family soon.  But for now, just his buddy Bear will have to do.  Bear belongs to Jackie’s future mother-in-law, and these two chaps get along just swimmingly.

We took a walk through the University of Washington campus one chilly Saturday morning, and let these two run free amongst the last batch of college folk cramming for pre-holiday finals.  These two fit right in with their purposeful gait, sleepy stares, and in the case of Winston… dashing fall sweater.  So debonair!

Winston in his debonair sweater.

Bear is just so adorable with those big black eyes.

Awww just look at that face!

Again, just look at that face!

BFF's for life!

These little boys got into their treat bag!

And for good measure, my little boy Chewy!  He also came along for the ride and had fun watching his fellow pooches model.

Seattle Couples Photography – Marla+Mark

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Marla+Mark are our great friends we’ve known for a long time.  In fact, Marla and I have known one another since high school, although she didn’t go to the same school as me.  But Mark and I did!  And the one person that forever connects Mark and me together is…no not Marla…but JLo!  You see, even before Marla even met Mark, Mark and I were friends.  And one of my fondest memories I have of him is when we debated whether JLo deserved privacy, being a famous celebrity.  I wasn’t sure why we started our debate, but it ended when Mark told me I had a right to my opinions, I just didn’t need to state them.  It was all good fun though and I believe we parted ways that night agreeing to disagree.

In high school I didn’t know Mark too well.  I just knew from other friends that he was extremely picky when it came to girls.  So when I found out my friend Marla finally was able to catch his heart, I was not surprised.  Marla is smart, easy going, funny, and most importantly…patient!  Within weeks after they started officially being together as a couple, Mark was in the Marines and at the time was deployed overseas.  For 8 whole months, they both patiently waited to see each other again, and the rest is history.  These two love birds had an amazing wedding a little over two years ago but what better way to go into their third year of marriage than with a lovely photoshoot.  Chris and I had so much fun with our dear friends, we can’t wait to share these photos!

We found the cutest giant chess set. It was the perfect prop for the shoot!

I love it when a couple shows their playful side and truly has fun!

Handsome couple. Just handsome!



Marla+Mark Slideshow

Location – Pioneer Square

Song – “Simple Love Song” by Anuhea

Seattle Portrait Photography – Megan, Stefan+Kids

Friday, December 9th, 2011

It was probably one of the coldest mornings we’ve had this winter in Seattle.  The air was crisp, the leaves had almost all fallen onto the ground…leaving the trees bare, and our photoshoot miniature models (Natalie, Nadia, and MacKenzie) were quivering out of their socks from being so cold.  These twin girls and little baby Natalie were such good sports, even on the cold early morning, they of course had to be rewarded with Starbucks hot chocolates after the shoot.

Megan+Stefan wanted a family shoot at Mercer Island’s Luther Burbank Park with their three girls.  Although it was a little bit of a challenge to get the girls to focus on solely taking pictures, having them be in their natural element gave us a chance to capture them at their best!  Natalie, Nadia, and MacKenzie were so much fun to be around.  By the end of the shoot, I gave the shivering Nadia a huge hug goodbye.  I think I’ve just made three new girl friends!

What a beautiful family!

MacKenzie's adorable silly faces cracked me up!

Oh is SO tough being a kid. Le sigh!!! :)

Nadia was freezing the whole time! Her daddy tries to warm her up here! Can I get an "AWWWWW"?

I think Megan has one of the most natural and prettiest smiles. Don't you? :)

Megan, Stefan, and girls…it was so much fun spending a chilly morning with you guys.  We hope you enjoy your slideshow below!

Seattle Portrait Photography – It’s Your Day Events and Expressions – Ashley+Christina

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

One of the best things about working in the wedding industry is meeting people that are just as passionate about weddings as we are.  When Chris and I met Ashley+Christina of It’s Your Day Events and Expressions during a local wedding event we almost didn’t quite make, we immediately knew they were just like us: just because you’re passionate about your craft, and take your business seriously, doesn’t mean there’s no room for fun.

Best friends for 15 years, Ashley+Christina help brides plan their perfect wedding day.  One thing that sets them apart from other coordinators is that they tag team and plan every wedding together.  They believe a bride deserves the best, and working side by side on every wedding event provides the bride with an extra ounce of sizzle on their day.

Having fun doing what you do and doing it with the person you can have fun with is one of the key elements to having a successful business.  And even before we started our photo shoot, I immediately knew Ashley+Christina were not only the type of girls that have fun together, but they’re the types I could have a blast with.  To call these two wedding coordinators is going to be an understatement by the time your wedding day gets here.  Because I believe, not only will these girls plan the perfect wedding for you, but more importantly, they’ll probably end up being your friends.

Our photo shoot location? The beautiful old Hollywood School House in Woodinville, WA.

Christina warned me about not being photogenic before we started the shoot. But I beg to differ! :) Just look at that smile...

These two lovely ladies look so nice and coordinated all because of Ashley. Definitely a natural planner!

I think Edward and Jacob were being discussed here. :)