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Somewhere In-between

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

If you’ve ever ventured over to our blog’s “About Us” page, you’ll notice one sentence that is the heart and soul of what we believe in:

“Our job is to capture you at your best, in the in-between moments, somewhere between the pose and self-consciousness where life is lived.”

We’ve really built our whole business around this motto and while we believe posed and directed photos are important, it’s what we call the “in-between shots” that ultimately make our heart melt.  Whether it’s a bride and groom laughing and joking uncomfortably infront of a vast open ocean, or a ring bearer pouting right before he’s needed to do his job, or a bride that’s slightly embarrassed {but smitten} with her silly {but utterly funny} groom, or a mother feeding her hungry baby right before our shoot, we believe these moments are worth more than any words can describe.  When we think about our clients, and how they’ll feel thirty years from now looking back at these photos, we want them to think about these natural moments, when they melt into themselves in that fleeting moment between trying to nail the pose and realizing you’re not all alone.

Current Love – Metal Prints

Friday, January 20th, 2012

I love a good hanging piece of art on the wall and although I am a huge fan of a nicely framed picture or a statement canvas piece, what I’m currently obsessing over is an image printed on metal.

You know I love something when I give them as gifts and I’ve given metal prints to my friends a couple of times.  I’ve never really splurged on it myself…until now.

The quality of the image is very clear and crisp.  Better than most photos on photo paper.  We decided to simply print an image of the iconic Seattle Pike Place Market sign for our first piece.  I just thought the negative space of the clouds made a big statement.

The best thing about these prints is the floating backing that comes with every piece.

You simply hook the piece on any type of art hook and you are done!

Once it’s hung up on the wall, the backing creates a distance between your wall and the piece itself.  Making it look like it’s floating.

Voila!  Simple and done.  This type of print isn’t for everyone.  It’s a very contemporary approach to displaying a photo.  But for those that want something different, I would suggest trying this.

We offer metal prints to all of our clients and I think it definitely makes a statement.  In the future, I’d like to print more of my brides to display around my work office.

Snow Day{s}

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Growing up in Seattle, every Christmas I’d wish for snow.  This year, that wish didn’t come true.  In fact, our Christmas was pretty mild.  Some light rain scattered around the city but the temperature hovered mostly around the high 40′s in the day time.  But just this past weekend, I was a happy clam because Snowpacalypse 2012 finally arrived to the Pacific Northwest.  Sunday morning when I woke up to walk my little Chewy monster, our streets were covered with snow.  And our neighborhood was already filled with kids and their parents outside making snowmen, sledding, and sliding off hills.  It was a wonderful sight and our winter had officially arrived.

That was Sunday and now it’s Wednesday night, Chris and I have been stuck at home for three days.  We’ve been snowed in for some time now and I’m still loving it.  All in all, our area got about 6 inches.  Oh and if you’re from the mid-west reading this, you read right.  Our city closes down even if there is an inch of snow.  So 6-10 inches in the area, well…you can only imagine.  But being cooped up didn’t stop me from snapping some photos around the house and in our yard.

My little Chewy paws. They are perfect!

There’s a little Charlie Brown pine tree right infront of our door and it was so beautiful covered with the initial snowfall.
This was probably one of the heaviest dumps. Our backyard just looked like a post card wonderland.
Chris and I were working mostly from home and our little Chewy monster loves to keep us company on our desk. But I caught him bored and yawning. He’s not a big fan of spreadsheets or photo editing.
All right, I just needed to post another picture of my Chewy monster.
My other boy, Ty loves it when we stay home because he’s alone most of the day. He’s a huge cuddler but when the fireplace is on, he loves to sit right near it on the couch.
And what’s a snow day without hot chocolate? Ending my day with the perfect hot cocoa is sublime!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful {and safe} Wednesday!

Seattle Portrait Photography – Reese+Family

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

“What’s the worst that could happen?”

That’s what we asked ourselves when we first decided to “officially” take the plunge together into photography.  I think I read once that a little over 50% of new ventures fail within the first year, and something crazy like 95% within 5.  I never felt inclined enough to dig up solid statistics to see if it’s true, but looking back, I don’t think we ever thought we could “fail.”

What’s the worst that could happen? — we’d end up with thousands of photos, bear witness to (and become a part of) some of life’s to some of life’s most intimate and treasured moments, amass some fun toys and hopefully a handful of new friends.  All while doing what we love, with our most loved.

Hard to find a downside when you look at it like that.

One year ago tomorrow, we had the honor of capturing SLM+Ryan’s big day.  And other than remembering it as a beautiful occasion shared amongst some of the most fabulous and loving people we’ve met, we’ll also remember it as when we were proven right.

SLM+Ryan are cut from that certain kind of amazing that makes you glad you have them in your life.  And we blessed to now be able to count them amongst our friends.  One year later, we’re even able to add +1 to that list with their heartmelting baby boy, Reese.  So it only felt fitting that we kick-off our 2012 shoots with sharing more from the family that reminds us, every time we see them, why we love doing what we do so much.

Happy Anniversary SLM+Ryan, and cheers to your first full year of being awesome, baby Reese!

Mosey over to Vimeo to view in HD.

Location:  Sorrento Hotel, Capitol Hill, Seattle
Song:  Joseph Vincent – Bumblebee