Seattle Portrait Photography – Reese+Family

“What’s the worst that could happen?”

That’s what we asked ourselves when we first decided to “officially” take the plunge together into photography.  I think I read once that a little over 50% of new ventures fail within the first year, and something crazy like 95% within 5.  I never felt inclined enough to dig up solid statistics to see if it’s true, but looking back, I don’t think we ever thought we could “fail.”

What’s the worst that could happen? — we’d end up with thousands of photos, bear witness to (and become a part of) some of life’s to some of life’s most intimate and treasured moments, amass some fun toys and hopefully a handful of new friends.  All while doing what we love, with our most loved.

Hard to find a downside when you look at it like that.

One year ago tomorrow, we had the honor of capturing SLM+Ryan’s big day.  And other than remembering it as a beautiful occasion shared amongst some of the most fabulous and loving people we’ve met, we’ll also remember it as when we were proven right.

SLM+Ryan are cut from that certain kind of amazing that makes you glad you have them in your life.  And we blessed to now be able to count them amongst our friends.  One year later, we’re even able to add +1 to that list with their heartmelting baby boy, Reese.  So it only felt fitting that we kick-off our 2012 shoots with sharing more from the family that reminds us, every time we see them, why we love doing what we do so much.

Happy Anniversary SLM+Ryan, and cheers to your first full year of being awesome, baby Reese!

Mosey over to Vimeo to view in HD.

Location:  Sorrento Hotel, Capitol Hill, Seattle
Song:  Joseph Vincent – Bumblebee

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  1. Lena Says:

    I LOVE that last shot with the three of them doing their own thing but in the same place. What a fun idea. Nice work!

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