Snow Day{s}

Growing up in Seattle, every Christmas I’d wish for snow.  This year, that wish didn’t come true.  In fact, our Christmas was pretty mild.  Some light rain scattered around the city but the temperature hovered mostly around the high 40′s in the day time.  But just this past weekend, I was a happy clam because Snowpacalypse 2012 finally arrived to the Pacific Northwest.  Sunday morning when I woke up to walk my little Chewy monster, our streets were covered with snow.  And our neighborhood was already filled with kids and their parents outside making snowmen, sledding, and sliding off hills.  It was a wonderful sight and our winter had officially arrived.

That was Sunday and now it’s Wednesday night, Chris and I have been stuck at home for three days.  We’ve been snowed in for some time now and I’m still loving it.  All in all, our area got about 6 inches.  Oh and if you’re from the mid-west reading this, you read right.  Our city closes down even if there is an inch of snow.  So 6-10 inches in the area, well…you can only imagine.  But being cooped up didn’t stop me from snapping some photos around the house and in our yard.

My little Chewy paws. They are perfect!

There’s a little Charlie Brown pine tree right infront of our door and it was so beautiful covered with the initial snowfall.
This was probably one of the heaviest dumps. Our backyard just looked like a post card wonderland.
Chris and I were working mostly from home and our little Chewy monster loves to keep us company on our desk. But I caught him bored and yawning. He’s not a big fan of spreadsheets or photo editing.
All right, I just needed to post another picture of my Chewy monster.
My other boy, Ty loves it when we stay home because he’s alone most of the day. He’s a huge cuddler but when the fireplace is on, he loves to sit right near it on the couch.
And what’s a snow day without hot chocolate? Ending my day with the perfect hot cocoa is sublime!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful {and safe} Wednesday!

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