Calm Before the Storm

All week I’ve been watching forecasts calling for Seattle snowpacalypse v2.0.  Then possible snowpacalypse.  Then potential flurries.  Then rain.  Then… eh, I think they gave up and went outside.  Because it was radio silent and deceivingly sunny all weekend (though we did get a fleeting flake or two that vanished as quick as it came).

There’s a lot of excitement, panic, and excited panic before a storm.  And as we gear up for our 2012 photo-season, we’re happy to report we have much more excitement than panic.  We’re excited to step out of 2011 and into the flurries of 2012.  Last year was such a blast, with so much OMGYEEHOO!, that this year can’t come fast enough.  We’re ready to start snapping out pix we just can’t wait to share with you all, and eager to help you make your perfect moments perfect.

We’re kicking off this year’s wedding season next weekend with the first in a string of super-awesome couples.  As we dust off our gear, tune up our setups, and get hyped for 2012, we’re making sure we also slow down a bit and enjoy this calm, relaxing stretch.  Because there’s so much more OMGWOO on the way.

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  1. Lena Says:

    Yea for doing things you love, but you are so smart to balance your lives…I could really go for a beach vacation right about now

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