Weekend Eats!

Next to my husband and my parents, there are probably two sure things that I know for sure I love to death.  One…photography of course, and two…weekend lunches!  I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about waking up on a weekend and making a nice breakfast for the hubby and myself that just makes me really happy.

One of my favorite weekend lunches...a Bagel-wich!

I’m a food lover.  I really am.  And I really want YOU (our readers) to know this.  Because sooner or later, many of you will be asked to dinner by yours truly!  :)  I love to eat, and my thighs thank me for this everyday.  But I really do believe that people connect through the act of eating food.  If you’re one of our brides, you know (or probably will know) that I prefer to meet up over dinner or happy hour appetizers when I’m ready to deliver your photos.  I’d like to believe that I’m a pretty social person, but what I believe more is this: if you chose us to photograph you, you not only liked our photos…more importantly, you liked us as people.  So…hopefully with that, you won’t mind meeting us for some drinks and good eats.

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