Seattle Boudoir Photography – Diana

I don’t think I truly started to understand the definition of a beautiful woman until I picked up a camera and looked at her from behind the viewfinder.  Not to say I’m an expert at defining beauty, but I have a whole new perspective I’d like to share.  You see, when I was young, I found many girls pretty.  In high school, I would be extremely intimidated by these pretty girls because well, I wasn’t one of the pretty ones.  I know I know, some of you reading this might think, “Awww…!!” but really, I know I wasn’t.  At least not based on how I defined it then.

That was the “past Cindi”.  Present Cindi is a much more mature and wiser person from past Cindi.  When I step back and look at all the women I’ve photographed, I bucket all of them into one category: beautiful.  Even though they all look different.  Different race, different height, different size.  They are all stunningly beautiful.

Diana is no different.  Past Cindi would call her pretty.  And she is.  In fact, past Cindi would have been intimidated by past Diana if they attended high school together.  But last weekend as we hung out in the Presidential Suite inside Hotel Deca, I got to know Diana in a totally different light and she is indeed a beautiful woman.  She’s obviously beautiful on the outside, the pictures don’t lie!  But it’s the small things despite what can be phyically seen that makes Diana one of a kind.  It’s the way she wrinkles her nose mid-shot because she’s trying to relax her face, it’s the willingness to do anything I tell her to do with the sweetest smile, it’s the way she chuckles when she realizes she’s being silly.  It’s all these things that make her the amazingly beautiful woman she is.

As women, we always are our own worst critic.  As we mature, we learn to put most of our insecurities away and live life in the moment.  I’ve learned that youth comes and goes REALLY quickly and we should focus on the little beautiful quirks that makes us who we are.  Boudoir or beauty portraits is a way for me to help capture you at your best.  It’s an opportunity to freeze this time in your life, when you feel the best you can ever feel about yourself and provide you with something tangible you can look back years later and think, “WOW, I am beautiful”.

If you are interested in boudoir of beauty portraits, give me a ring or send me a note.  Let’s make beautiful things happen!

This is by far my favorite one from the shoot. Diana looks so soft and romantic here. It's just dreamy!

I'm not sure other photogs experience this, but oftentimes my best shot is my last shot. Might you agree? :)

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5 Responses to “Seattle Boudoir Photography – Diana”

  1. Cecile Says:

    Gorgeous girl…that first shot is killer!

  2. Cindi Says:

    @ Cecile – Thank you so much! Having a gorgeous girl like Diana surely makes my job easier! :)

  3. Lena Eivy Says:

    Cindi, you did such a wonderful job with this! I think that woman can tell when the person looking at them thinks they are beautiful, and I have no doubt that your attitude towards Diana allowed her to feel confident in her own beauty (and she is stunning). Boudoir is so tricky and has more to do with the attitude of the photographer than the actual photos, in my opinion. You have done a wonderful job making your subject look/feel beautiful while capturing some amazing images.

  4. Diana Says:

    Thank you both! Cindi you are awesome! I said “Awww” while reading your blog at the exact time you wrote “Awwww.” You know your audience. It was my first Boudoir shoot and I didn’t know what to expect and a little nervous, but Cindi made it all disappear once she started clicking away at her camera. She knew exactly how she wanted the pictures to look and where my head should be, where my fingers should fall…everything. She made me feel very comfortable and made me laugh every time. I think what makes a good photographer is someone with a vision, someone that is detail oriented, someone that knows what they are working with and someone that is passionate about what they are doing and that is all Cindi. It was an experience every woman should have…capture the moment! Thank you Cindi for a great experience .

  5. Cindi Says:

    @Lena – Thank you so much for that very nice compliment. And I have to totally agree with you. It is totally our job to view our subjects in a light that we can capture them beautifully as they individually are. I think that’s one of the hardest things we go through and it challenges me constantly. But I strive to perfect it.

    @Diana – Awww!!! You are so sweet!!! I have to say that you make it really easy for me though. SInce you have experience modeling and you’re just so darn cute! :)

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