Seattle Portrait Photography – Jessica

Everyone reading this has at least one day they felt like they were sitting on top of the world.  For some of us, it’s our wedding day.  For others, it’s the day they had their first, second, or third child. But for Jessica, it was yesterday June 10th, her college graduation day.

Jessica worked hard for her Seattle University degree and you can definitely tell.  Her closest family members and friends arrived bright and early at 8 am to cheer her on.  And when her name was called out, she was floating high on top of screams from her entourage in the stands shouting her name.  She holds her Sociology degree with the utmost pride and when asked what she wants to do, she responds simply wanting to help people.  She’s one of those gems that’s hard to find in a sea of honored graduates and I am so glad I got to photograph her.

Jessica, congrats on this achievement!  I’m sure I can speak for all that know you, YOU ROCK GIRL!

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3 Responses to “Seattle Portrait Photography – Jessica”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Thank you so much Chris and Cindi! I LOVE the photos! =D I am so glad that I chose you guys to do my photos. THEY ROCK!

  2. Lena Says:

    Aww – so sweet! Congratulations Jessica! Beautiful pictures.

  3. Nadia Says:

    Beautiful pictures!!! You look so happy, Congrats for you graduation…Hope you had fun!!!!

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