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She’s a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, an ex-coworker, and a great friend.  I am sure for those that follow our blog closely that you’ll remember Theresa and her family photos we took last fall.  When she asked me to help her surprise her husband with a boudoir shoot, I was ecstatic!  Theresa holds a dear place in my heart because she and I used to work together and she was one of the first girls I connected with at my last job.  We bonded over a beer at an after work happy hour when we started to talk about photography and I found out her and her husband had an equal love for it.

Theresa often joked about how she’s indecisive and always asked for people’s thoughts on whether she’s making the right decisions.  However, on the day of our shoot, I saw a confident woman fully comfortable in her own skin.  Theresa told me I made her feel so pretty in these photos but I think it’s the exact opposite.  The fact that I can make women such as herself feel that way about themselves makes me feel extremely flattered and empowered.  And that feeling is equally priceless.

Here is Theresa in her own words:

“Ever since we are little girls, we want to look and feel beautiful. As with everything in life, we are our worst critic. We feel we need to have a thinner waist, skinnier arms, but at the same time, have curves in the right places to have a body with an hourglass shape. The truth of the matter is, being beautiful is something that every girl has inside them, but only YOU can show just how beautiful you really are.

I’ve always wanted to surprise my husband and give him an album of boudoir photos. This year, I decided to put my self- conscious and self-critical emotions behind and give him a birthday gift he’ll never forget. I said to myself, “I might not be perfect now and hey, will never be perfect, but maybe for that moment, I can feel perfect enough for him.” So what did I do? With the help of Cindi, we created an experience where I looked and felt perfectly beautiful. I got dolled up from head to toe and bought clothes that I’d feel sexy in. For the two hours we were together, Cindi’s sole mission was to make me feel comfortable and relaxed through the entire process. The way Cindi directed me to sit, stand, turn or look a certain way really captured me at my best. I couldn’t ask for a more amazing experience. Thank you Cindi for being such a great photographer…for adjusting my hair when in my face, for reminding me to arch my back and suck my stomach in, and most of all, for being such a great friend.”


Theresa's before and after shot. Amazing isn't it? :)

Now that is a smile of a confident woman!

I especially loved the right photo because Theresa's smile was just so natural. This is literally how she looks when she smiles and it's beautiful!

This is what you call fierce.

I love this photo for it's softness and I love how Theresa can look so soft and romantic and also sexy at the same time. A photographer's dream!


Theresa uttered "This is so much fun" uncomfortably as she was shaking her hair. It was hilarious and probably THE only time she felt uncomfortable during this shoot. Funny!


Hotel Murano in Tacoma was just a great venue for this shoot. We found this huge green glass wall right near the entrance way and right behind me were a couple of valet guys staring at the beautiful model. :)

By far one of my favorite shots of the day. Just beautiful!

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  1. Lena Says:

    Beautiful pictures! Beautiful girl! Love the before and after idea.

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