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Seattle Portrait Photography – Lena+Family

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Lena is a cool chick.  And by cool chick I mean she won’t be offended by me calling her a “chick”.  And that’s why she’s so cool.  Chris and I met Lena at a local wedding vendor after work party in the heart of Seattle.  When she introduced herself, I found out that she had recently quit her job as a school teacher to pursue her passion for photography.  She had then only a few months experience and when I went home to check her work out online, I realized she had passion.  How did I know this?  Well, after just a few minutes of talking to her, I thought she reminded me a little bit of myself.    Fast forward a few months later when Lena and I met for coffee to chat about our love for photography, I definitely knew, right then and there, that she had the passion and the oomph to make it in this difficult business.

Her love for photography is only trumped by her love for her family.  Which was why I felt so pleasured to have met little daughter, Ilya and her handsome husband, Adam on a summery Sunday night.  I remember Lena once said that she would love to continue to pursue her love for photography and be successful enough so that her husband can also pursue his own passion and love.  I still seriously get a little bit choked up thinking about it.  These are such great people and you can totally see how fun it was to work with them.  Well, I wouldn’t even call it work…it was more like hanging out.  :)  Enjoy Lena+Fam’s sneak peek of their portrait shoot below and when you’re done, head on over to Lena’s blog to see her awesome work!

Cool chicks look cool without even trying!


A little heart breaker! And a mini cool chick!

Ilya is FOUR!!!

Nothing beats a mother's love but I am a Daddy's girl at heart and I just LOVE how I get opportunities to capture a dad's love for his little girl in photos. I'm so glad I was able to get these shots because I don't have these photos of my dad and I. Ilya will be so glad to have these when she grows up I hope!



Finally, a mother's love. Just too much for words.


Seattle Wedding Photography – Maiko+Craig

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

I read before somewhere that the second most common place to meet a mate is at work.  That was sure the case for Chris and me, and it was also the case for Maiko+Craig.  What’s great about their love story is that Maiko found Craig by way of an interview… where Craig was the interviewer and Maiko was the interviewee.  As nerve-wracking as interviews can be, Craig didn’t make it better by not even looking up to say ‘Hi’ when he entered into the room and went straight into the questions.  But Maiko must have worked her charm because she was hired and the rest was history.

When we first met Maiko+Craig, I must admit, I was a little intimidated.  Before Chris and I could pull out our iPad to show images in our portfolio, Craig took out his iPad ready to fire questions and take notes.  He was intense but through their wedding planning process, we began to realize that his intensity stems from passion.  When Craig loves something, you’ll know it.  Just one example — biking has been a part of Craig’s life for a long time, and something Craig+Maiko enjoy together.  Which is why you’ll see cycling-inspired details in the wedding invites, wedding party ties, and even the getaway tandem bike.  His passion and love for Maiko is no less obvious, and apparent in his quest to see their wedding day to go on without a hitch, because it was a day she’ll remember for the rest of her life.

Maiko+Craig are both architects, and the architects Chris and I know are all extremely detail-oriented.  These two love birds are no different.  From the personalized specially-made sake cup favors, to the beautiful centerpieces made from Maiko’s favorite flowers, to the intricately made kimono Maiko changed into at the end of the night, the day went perfectly.  Not to mention they had personalized sake cup favors for all their vendors, including us! :)  We LOVED working with Maiko+Craig and wish them the best!  Enjoy the sneak peak of their beautiful wedding day.


More from their big day in Maiko+Craig’s slideshow below.  To view the slideshow in HD or if you’re on an iPad or iPhone, click HERE.


Seattle Wedding Photography: Suzanne+John

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

If there’s one thing for a bride to worry about in the Pacific Northwet, it’s rain (har har, see what I did there?).

It comes up all the time when we chat with brides up here.  Should I shoot for mid or late Summer?  Is September too late?  Where should my backup ceremony location be?  Do I need to pick up cute umbrellas just in case?  Contingency plan.  What locations will we use for portraits if it does happen?  You lied to me Steve Pool.  How can I best keep the rain off the dress?  Is that makeup waterproof?  No, I don’t mean for tears.  Rain is such a fact of life up here that you can’t help but have it on your mind, all. the. time.  And it’s enough to drive your stress level through the roof and back.

That is, unless, you’re Suzanne.

Remember Suzanne?  We shot Suzanne+John this past March for their engagement session, and rain tagged along for the fun.  But it didn’t phase them then, and it sure didn’t phase them this time.  Nerves of steel, these two.

I’ve always known Suzanne to be calm, composed, and refined.  She gave me my first ‘big break’ out of college when she hired me into my first real job as part of her team.  To this day I’ve never worked with someone who rolled with the punches and embraced Murphy’s Law better than Suzanne does.  Or was as thoughtful and nurturing.  She never failed to make sure I was squeezing all the learnings out of my experiences, or getting enough to eat in spite of my not-yet-broken-bad-habit of skipping lunch.  Suzanne was my first work-mom.

On Suzanne+John’s big day, it rained sideways, and they shrugged.  It rained upwards, and they waved it off.  We had lightning and thunder and they ooh’d, ahh’d, and smiled through it.  And you know what happened?

It stopped.  Right on schedule for their first look.

Suzanne+John are at the same time your gorgeous classic couple frozen in elegance, and your quintessential young lovebirds those romantic feel-good movies are made about.  Surrounded by the closest of family and friends, it was an honor to be a part of their celebration.

More from their big day in Suzanne+John’s slideshow below.  To view the slideshow in HD or if you’re on an iPad or iPhone, click HERE.