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Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

It started with Series 1 with eight cards scattered around my small little apartment bedroom in Manhattan Beach, CA.  Cards hidden in my coat pockets, cards taped behind my TV, cards underneath my bed.  Cards written ever so poetically by the man I was about to fall in love with.  I knew I would love him, I just didn’t know I knew it at the time.

It was then followed by Series 2 with seven cards.  Then Series 3 with six cards.  The first card in Series 3 was titled “Fearless Cindi” and was placed in the one place he knew I would find it.  In the bathroom, on top of the toilet paper!  I remember that day vividly.  I had a horrible day at work, one of those rare days when work made me feel a little bit worthless.  But as I read his words, I knew…I just knew:

There’s no shame, no weakness, in walking through life with someone.  Especially when, as you’ve already proven, it’s something you can already do independently.  In fact, I think it takes real strength to let someone else in on your journey.  To share everything you  hold dear with another force entirely out of your control, and realize that they will have an impact on what you create.  To realize that it will take a level of collaboration, compromise, and commitment to squeeze two independent joint visions into a singular blueprint within which to build.  To know this, and not fear it, I think shows a level of maturity and fearlessness that is not commonly found, or even understood.

We don’t always know the answers…and we don’t always have the details.  But I know with you, I’m for once not afraid.  You’ve given me a piece of your courage.  Your fearlessness.  Because I know in addition to holding each other close, we hold each other up.  Because I know that everything we could ever possibly encounter…everything that would go wrong…wouldn’t undermine or sway that one constant that we’ve both given to each other.  You and I are Us and We.  I Love You…Me.”

I knew as I finished reading with tears of joy streaming that I was to be the luckiest girl ever.  I’ve found my life partner and I knew it from that day forward.

Series 8 was after a dinner at Rovers on 5/8/09.  Series 8 was one “card”, or book if you will, laying on my bed after we returned home.  It was a story told in pictures of all the other Series’, from 1-7 and the very last page was his proposal:

I’ve known for awhile now that we’re meant to be together.  As soon as I’ve known, I’ve never doubted.  I know I can be wordy sometimes, and it can take what seems like forever to get out all the words I mean to say just to convey one thought.  Being that this will be one of the most important things I’ll ever say in my life, it’s been taking me a long while to get all the words out.  Every card in this countdown has been my attempt at telling it all to you, and it’s still not enough to match the immensity of what you mean to me.  From Series 1 through Series Forever, I will never stop trying to ensure you know exactly how I feel, and know exactly what I’m thinking.  Cindi, I love you and want to promise forever to you.  Will you marry me?”

To my husband, my everything, my forever: Happy two years anniversary.  Thank you for giving me all that I’ve ever dreamed of in life…You!


Seattle Portrait Photography – Sara+Jason+MogulSeattle Portrait Photography – Sara+Jason+Mogul

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

I remember meeting Sara for the first time years ago, during an after-work happy hour.  At the time, Sara, Chris, and I all worked at a public accounting firm in Seattle.  Sara and I arrived earlier than the others.  I had not met her in the office but almost immediately I noticed how easy it was to talk to her.  And we sure chatted up that night.  She told me about her past in the armed forces defending our country as well as her husband, Jason.  So when she mentioned she wanted to take photos with Jason and her pup, Mogul, I could not wait to meet the rest of her family.

Sara+Jason mentioned they’ve never had professional photos taken, not even on their wedding day.  Not to mention they’ve both most recently been living overseas in Belgium for the past two years.  However, they’re in the process of moving Sara back to Seattle first, with Jason returning there for an additional year to finish school.  Knowing this, Chris+I wanted to make sure that we gave them some special photos for them to cherish while they are thousands of miles apart.

Seattle Wedding Photography – Suryn+Shawn

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

The setting was at the lovely Sleeping Lady mountain resort in historic Leavenworth, Washington.  The flowers were lush, colorful, and vibrant.  The dress was fit for a princess. And the bride and groom looked as if they stepped out of the pages of your favorite fairy tale.  We first met Suryn+Shawn last winter immediately after they picked a venue location.  Right after we began to speak to Suryn about The Sleeping Lady, we realized just how much she was in love with it.  Suryn is the type of bride that believes in the details.  When Chris and I arrived on site, we were happily greeted by Suryn, who was helping the wedding party arrange her favors.  One of the calmest brides we’ve seen yet, she continued to help set table linens, help her bridesmaids into their dresses, and even practiced the first dance with her husband-to-be, all before she even thought about getting ready herself.  It was very evident that Suryn put her blood and sweat into making her perfect day by designing and hand making every one of her bridesmaid dresses, their hair clips, as well as a second white gown for herself to change into during the reception.  She is truly a talented person, it’s no wonder Shawn is head over heels over her.

Suryn+Shawn opted out of a first look because Shawn wanted to see her walk down the aisle for the first time.  As I stood in the aisle infront of Shawn when Suryn was walked down the aisle by her father, John, I heard, “Oh, she looks good!”  It made me smile and appreciate these little moments just that much more.

Suryn+Shawn wanted to share their special day with the most special people in their lives.  Their main goal was to make sure that everyone had a blast of a time and we believe they’ve succeeded.  The dance floor was alive and full from the moment the first dance was over until the DJ played the last song.  All of their friends looked like they were having the time of their lives, which made photographing the dance floor an awesome experience for Chris and I.

We were so honored to have been able to join Suryn+Shawn on their wedding day and we hope their photos will help them relive those special moments.

Suryn was stunning that a Snow White. Just look at the gaze Shawn had on her!

Suryn handmade these gorgeous fabric flowers for her bridesmaids to clip in their hair. I might need to call Suryn up to get one of these myself. They are so beautiful!

In addition to making the hair pins for her bridesmaids, Suryn HANDMADE all of her bridesmaid's dresses. They were all tied in an unique way, one rightfully suited for each gal. My jaw literally dropped on the floor when I found out she made these. Just stunning!

This photo Chris took made me speechless. It was extremely hard that day for Suryn to get her vows out and it made me tear as well. Which makes it harder to see through my camera view finder! :)

This photo is like a fairy tale. The couple were such good sports, trekking through dirt paved trails in their wedding attire.


See more of Suryn+Shawn’s wedding day below in their wedding slideshow preview.  Click here if you are on an iPhone or iPad.



Friday, August 17th, 2012

Chris and I are so excited to share some upcoming changes to our website and our blog.  We also have some great things planned for our bride and grooms which I hope will bring some tears of joy to our couples whom we enjoyed to work with so much.  Up first, Suryn+Shawn…so stay tuned for that.  But in the mean time, enjoy this beautiful sneak peek!