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Olivia+Fam | Seattle Family Photography | Maple Valley

Monday, December 31st, 2012

New years brings new beginnings and on this New Year’s Eve, we’d like the world to be introduced to Olivia.  We were lucky enough to have the chance to photograph Olivia and her family right before Christmas.  Olivia was just two weeks young and she was the sweetest little baby girl.  Her mom, Cynthia and I used to work together at an Accounting firm and it has been almost 3 years since we’ve last saw one another.  I remember when I left the firm, she wasn’t even pregnant with her first child, Teddy.  Now he’s over two years old and oh so handsome.

Tonight Chris and I are staying in with our family to bring in 2013.  For the last couple of years, we’ve laid low for new year’s eve because we enjoy celebrating with the people closest to us.  Even if it’s just being infront of the TV waiting for Space Needle fireworks.  Family is everything to us so while we’re celebrating with ours, here’s a sneak peek of Olivia and the family that loves her.

Just look at that face! Even when she cries, she's adorable.


Christmas 2013…25 years later…

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

I remember my first Christmas in the United States.  It was 1987 and I had just turned 8 a couple of months before.  My parents and I settled in the lovely little town of Pullman Washington and we did not know anyone!  When we were in China, we didn’t really know what Christmas was so when December 25th rolled around, my parents didn’t know what to expect but knew we had to celebrate with food.

Our apartment was a one bedroom  basement unit.  To save money on heating bills, my parents oftentimes left the heater off.  Instead, we had a little space heater that kept us fairly warm.  My mom shopped the day before at the local Dissmores and got as many ingredients as she could with the limited supply of vegetables there.  I recall watching TV that Christmas day while my mom was slaving away in the kitchen.  The smell of tossed ginger and garlic in fried oil still brings me back to that exact place whenever I’m over at her house and she’s cooking.

We ate that day and we ate good!  My mom was proud to show case her chicken that she bought for just $0.39 per pound at the store.  My dad was a poor PhD student and my mom was a kitchen helper at the local Chinese-Americanized restaurant and we had absolutely no money.  But that Christmas was one I will never forget.

Now…25 years later we still continue the same tradition.  We eat on Christmas day and my mom slaves in the kitchen.  Except now we’re in Seattle Washington where asian markets are abundant and we’re not left with 0.39 cents a pound chicken.  We have an occasional roast duck with a side of Hoisin Chinese broccoli.  And as we sat around the table this year, I remembered that for as long as I can recall since childhood, it’s been my parents and I braving the unfamiliarities of America.  We’ve come so far from that lonely family in a small college town.  I’m thankful for all that my parents and I have been through all these years that’s brought us closer.  And for the next 25 years as my husband and I start new traditions, I will never forget my first Christmas.  And as long as my parents are still around, I will make sure we will continue our Christmas day tradition.  So from the our families to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Disclaimer: I would just like to say that I was using my dad's empty beer can to "gan-bei" with. No, I did not drink WITH my parents at the age of 8. :) Happy holidays!

Ali+Tyler+Vivian | Seattle Portrait Photography | Marymoor Park

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

There’s no gift in the world that can top a gift of a baby to a couple that so want to be parents.  Ali+Tyler welcomed their little bundle of joy on 12/11/2012 but two weeks before her entrance to the real world, we got together with them to capture Ali’s beautiful belly.  Ali+Tyler are going to be such great parents…I just know it.  Like many couples, they tried for a long time to have her.  Even after some less than happy moments throughout their journey, they never gave up hope.  Chris+I are excited to see Vivian grow up.  At the same time, we dedicate this blog post to Ali+Tyler’s little baby boy, Zachary.

Ali+Tyler had a bench dedicated to their first son, Zachary. It sits infront of a playground at their favorite park, Marymoor in Redmond. I'm sure they will sit there for many years to come watching Vivian play at that playground.

We had so much fun with Ali+Tyler that I had to insert this photo in. My husband LOVES being a photo crasher! Obviously!

Emily+Mom+Dad | Seattle Portrait Photography | Washington Arboretum

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Emily is a small lady with a great personality.  A baby that don’t fuss or cry when forced to wake up and look cute for the cameras in the freezing fall weather.  Emily just turned one year old about a month ago and we hope she learns to walk soon.  Can you imagine this cutie pie running around clumsily?  It would be the cutest thing.  Enjoy Emily with her Mom+Pop in their sneak peek below.  Oh and one more thing, I think Mom resembles a certain famous Chinese movie/pop star.  What do you think?  Enjoy!