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Seattle Portrait Photography | Baby Max

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Hello world!  Please say hi to my newest love…Max!  While my husband was out of the country on business, I fell in love with another man…and that little man is baby Max.  Max’s father and I used to work together.  He used to be the Yin to my Yang as we slaved hours on end at our jobs.  When I heard he became a dad, I was so excited to get to meet his baby boy.  And oh my, did I fall head over heels for him.

Max is probably the sweetest little 6 week old I’ve ever met.  His mommy told me that he was on his best behavior that day because not one tear ran down those cute little cheeks.  He was happy as a clam…but definitely cuter than a clam.  His parents are new at doing the whole…well…parenting thing.  But I can tell they’re a great team.  They both kept telling me about how great it feels to be a parent and the overpowering joy that Max brought to their lives.  Max is very lucky to have such awesome parents and will grow up to be a fine young man.  I just know it!  But for now, enjoy this sneak peek of Max below!