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Eight Twenty Eight, 2013

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013
There’s that one constant in my life.  A constant that allows me to follow my dreams.  To remind me to not waste my time doing something I do not enjoy because life’s too short.  A voice that’s so amazingly hilarious…a voice that literally make me laugh out loud on a daily basis.  A smile that walks through my door every evening even though the whole hours of the day leading up to that moment was stressful and horrendous.  The little things in life I used to think are dull is now eventful now that I have this invariable beacon of light in my life.  Things like going to the grocery store in sweats, in the middle of the night, is the very definition of my happiness.  This constant relieves me on those days when I’m so filled with pain and longing, my body shakes and I feel lost in desperation.  One hug from this constant brings my emotions back home and I realize: “nothing can be that bad with you around”.
Chris, thank you for being my constant for the last three years of our wonderful marriage.  I never believed in what a soul mate truly meant.  And to be honest, even as we stood on that alter, I still did not believe there was a soul mate for me.  Someone I can not live without.  But these last three years with you has made me realize that if my constant is gone, I will no longer be me.  In my wedding vows, I said “that even if the world’s falling out from under my feet, I’ll be found in you…still standing.”  You’ve proven those words to be more than true.  Thank you for standing beneath me, to catch me, when I needed you the most.  There’s nothing in this world that can ever break the foundation we’ve built together.  I love you for everything that you are and for all that you’ve made me become.
Happy anniversary!

2007 PriceWaterhouse Christmas Party

First trip to New York in 2007

Our first trip to San Diego in 2008

Winter storm outside of our first home together in North Seattle 2008

Our friend Jean+Jun's wedding in 2009

The night we got engaged 2009

Our trip to China to introduce Chris to my family 2010

Our wedding day...8/28/2010

Hawaii honeymoon in 2010 on our way to North Shore

Last weekend on our routine trip to Ballard farmer's market




Seattle Engagement Photography | Priscilla+Dale | Washington Arboretum and Edmonds Beach

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Priscilla+Dale will be getting married in about four weeks and a couple of weeks ago, we were lucky enough to spend a nice Sunday afternoon with them walking in the park and on the beach.  Priscilla is a photographer’s dream.  Why?  Well, because she laughs on command!  I’ve never worked with anyone that can laugh naturally as easily as she can.  And although Dale is a little bit more serious, when we asked him to be a little silly infront of our lenses, he totally surprised us.  I wonder what the wedding day will bring out of these two.  Check out their engagement sneak peek below.

There’s more photos in Priscilla+Dale’s  slideshow below.  If you are on an iPhone or an iPhone, click HERE.

Seattle Portrait Photography | The Bass Family | Magnolia

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Chris and I have been getting into the habit of shopping most of our weekly meat and produce at the Ballard Farmer’s Market.  It’s just so great to grab some coffee then stroll around with nice people from stand to stand picking through beautiful locally grown vegetables and fruit.  But what better way to spend a Sunday morning before the market than photographing a beautiful family?  Well, that just is the icing on the cake.  Check out the Bass Family!

Seattle Wedding Photography | Quynh+Paul | Lake Union Crew

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Weddings like this don’t come around often.  When the bride is dressed in her wedding gown…and also dressing the tables with table cloth.  When rounds and rounds of Costco sized bottles of liquor are brought into the venue.  And when one of the groomsmen falls into Lake Union dancing to All 4 One’s “I Swear”.  Yes, I knew I was looking forward to Quynh+Paul’s wedding for a reason!

Quynh+Paul didn’t want a fancy wedding.  Their wish for their wedding day was to have good food with good family and friends.  And these are the weddings that I love to shoot.  Most of Quynh+Paul’s friends, to this day, are from middle and high school.  You have to admit, there’s something to be said about people who maintain close with high school friends.  They’re the type of people that seems to always be there when you need them.  It was quite an honor to be there with Quynh+Paul on their special day.  Since I’ve known Paul for such a long time, it was heart warming to see him so happy.  For as long as I’ve known Paul, he’s the type of guy that knows how to love.  And he’s found, what I think, is his equal.

There’s more photos in Quynh+Paul’s  slideshow below.  If you are on an iPhone or an iPhone, click HERE.

Seattle Portrait Photography | Max at 6 Months

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

I love repeat customers!  Especially if they are babies.  Because I love babies and it’s so amazing to watch them grow right in front of my camera.  Pictures of kids are priceless because like I’ve said before, they grow up so darn fast.  When I first met Max, he was a mere 6 weeks old.  And when his mom and dad contacted me about doing a 6 months shoot, I was so excited.  My memory of Max was that he was such a sweet baby.  And him at 6 months, was just as sweet.  His parents said he was way too serious for the shoot (no smiles!!!), but I think he was such a good little client.  He even did his own hair! :)  I even caught a smile or two!

Seattle Engagement Photography | Brooke+Corey | Kerry Park and Discovery Park

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

When Brooke+Corey told us they wanted their engagement photos to be a little bit different than what they’re used to, I was ecstatic!  They were open to almost anything and I have always wanted to do an engagement shoot with water balloons.  So when I pitched the idea to them, they were more than gun-hoe about it.  They even upped the ante by bringing some super soakers!  Chris and I were having as much fun as they were having in these photos while shooting them.

In addition to having fun, they also wanted to recreate their engagement night.  In Corey’s words, the engagement “was a story of plans gone wrong”.  Corey was supposed to surprise Brooke with a romantic proposal by asking her to take a picture of him with the Space Needle in the background and right before she would snap the shot, he’d get down on one knee.  But when he started to that, the ring rolled out of the box, dropped on the ground and in the knick of time, Brooke snapped the shot of Corey looking at the ground, “dumbfounded” (also Corey’s words).  Although the proposal didn’t go the way Corey wanted (let’s be honest, what proposal ever go perfectly right?) we still believe it was a romantic night for these love birds.  If their engagement was this fun, I just can’t wait for their wedding in 2014.  But for now, enjoy their sneak peek!



There’s more photos in Brooke+Corey’s  slideshow below.  If you are on an iPhone or an iPhone, click HERE.