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The Big Three Five!

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Today I turn 35.  Boy…doesn’t that sound like a big number?  It sure look like it is as I’m typing this out.  I remember when I was in elementary school, there was this city day camp I used to participate in during summer.  And we had counselors that were around 16 or 17 years old.  At that time, I used to think that 16 or 17 was SOOOO old.  But before the blink of an eye, I’m now double that age I used to think was old and then some.

I am not one of those astonishing people that’s accomplished note worthy, life changing things in my short 35 years of life.  I know I still have tons to learn and living life itself is a never ending string of lessons one needs to learn.  But I do have a few things I’ve picked up on so far in life.  This is a list of things I felt I’ve personally experienced and I’m by no means telling you to agree or disagree with me.  So if you’d like to partake in my wisdom sharing, continue reading! :)

  • Fear The Sun – I am a huge opponent of the sun.  I guess that’s why I love living in Seattle, where 3/4 of the year is cloudy.  I whole heartedly believe that one of the keys to stay looking young is to stay out of the sun.  Now, I love a good summer day.  And during a summer like the one we just had this year, when I know I’ll be in the sun (and that means even being out for a 15 minute dog walk) I slab on the sun screen.  You’ll never find me sunbathing and I also drink plenty of water to make sure I stay hydrated.  When I go out without sun screen, I literally fear of melting my skin off…is that bad?  Maybe I’m a little obsessed but hey…I feel like it’s working so far!
  • A Few Good Friends – I was never a popular person in high school and I never wanted to be.  Throughout high school and college, I’ve always had the same handful of friends beside me who have walked through the ups and downs of life with me.  And some time in my late 20′s, I realized that having a few good friends is more important than having a ton of acquaintances.  We all live busy lives, some have kids, but we never let our individual lives compromise our friendship of almost 20 years.  We make sure to take time out to hang out, just us girls, away from our kids and husbands, at least once a month.  It takes dedication to maintain good friendships and I’m glad that my group of friends as a whole values it as much as I do.
  •  I Love Drama – Don’t we all love drama?  I used to go about relationships in the wrong way I think, especially in my 20′s.  I used to think that drama in a relationship is necessary and back then, I used to think drama usually equaled to fights that ended in tears.  And true, sometimes fights are healthy for a relationship.  But when I met my husband, Chris, I wanted that drama!  What I didn’t realize was drama, to me, is an act of overwhelming emotion.  And that emotion didn’t need to be anger that resulted in tears.  After meeting Chris, that emotion usually manifested itself in the form of ROTF laughter.  And this ROTF laughter happens on a daily basis.  When girls usually say their ideal trait in a partner is sense of humor, I always think they are also innately searching for that “drama” in their life.  And this type of drama is OH SO HEALTHY!
  • Whole Foods – No not the market, but real whole, organic foods (and it also can be from Whole Foods!!!).  In the last year or so, I’ve slowly moved to an all organic, grass fed, pastured meats and eggs , low carb and no added sugar diet.  I’ve had certain health issues all my life, from dairy allergies to yo yo weight changes and I’ve never really focused on health until I was in my 30′s.  In my teens and 20′s, weight was the key thing.  It was never an issue of health.  Changing my diet has vastly improved my muscle aches, skin, mood, and energy levels that I’ll never go back to an average American diet again.  I will definitely have “treat” meals here and there, especially when we’re out with friends.  But in my normal day to day life, I say no to processed, packaged, and fast foods and it has made me a happier person and have accepted my weight as long as I’m healthy.  Which brings me to my next point:
  • Weight No More – I’ve fought weight issues all of my life.  And my problems started at the age of 8 or 9 years old when my parents and I moved to the US where I indulged in processed foods and moved less because I didn’t understand English and had very few friend from the move.  I’ve had minor eating issues in college where I maintained a very low calorie diet and ran 5 miles per day to get to my magic number of 110 lbs.  I don’t really know when the coin flipped, but all of a sudden in my 30′s, I wasn’t concerned about weight anymore.  I think somewhere along the way, I learned self acceptance and self love.  Being in a loving relationship where my husband saw my true self, a self I didn’t even see, helped me realize that I needed to live life healthily, love and nourish myself with good whole foods and the acceptance eventually came.  This is one of the most important key things I’ve learned about myself which also brings me to my next point:
  • Boudoir For All – If you follow my photography blog, you know that I LOVE doing boudoir photography for other girls.  These photo shoots help empower women and I truly believe that.  All women are beautiful, in all shapes and sizes and I think everyone should take an opportunity to do one.  We always complain about how we’re never skinny enough but we’re only 25, 35, 37, 40 once.  And 10 years from 25, 35, 37, or 40, you’ll look back at your regular photos and realize how great you did look.  Which was why I decided to do a boudoir shoot with my husband.  I am not perfect by any means and of course I have areas of my body that I’d love to hide.  But doing this and experiencing something like this was something I wanted and needed.  Maybe at the age of 45 I’ll look back and realize that at the age of 45, I feel even better than when I was at 35.  But there’s no doubting the fact that on the day that I did this shoot, I felt totally accepted of myself and 100% beautiful.  And that’s something priceless.

I’ve never done anything like this before because I am not one to really post that many photos of myself on this blog.  It is for my clients after all!  So today, I bring you a few photos of me taken by my husband in the comfort of our own home.  Thanks for staying for this long as I rambled on and enjoy!

And because this is the cutest thing…I leave you with Chewy!