About Us

We’re Cindi+Chris, and we’re a team.  Husband+Wife.  Driver+Navigator.  Beer+Wine.  Salty+Sweet.

Though familiar with opposite ends of the spectrum, we meet in the middle and find ourselves most at home when we keep each other in balance.  In this way, choosing to compromise is not a compromise at all, but rather a means to have it all.

We carry this philosophy through all aspects of our life (singular), and somewhere along the journey of “you” and “I” becoming “us” and “we,” we found photography.  The craft was new, but the rules were the same:  capture the planned and spontaneous, and reach for everything in-between.

It’s important to us to create memories we’ll treasure, and to treasure the memories we create.  And everyone should have the same opportunity.  When it comes to telling your story through photos, we believe in taking as much care with your memories as we do with our own.  Our job is to capture you at your best, in the in-between moments, somewhere between the pose and self-consciousness where life is lived.

Visit our website to learn more about us.  And drop us a line or Facebook us, because we’d love to get to know you.