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Seattle Family Photography | Lucy+Stella+Grayson+Fam | Bothell Country Village

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

I don’t know what it is about Bothell…but I love it!  Not just because I live here (ok so I’m a little biased) but it’s because it’s so interesting!  Nestled a little Northeast from Seattle, it’s close to Kirkland and Bellevue, close enough to drive to Seattle on a regular basis, and also extremely convenient to Snohomish and a variety of farms where you can get fresh organic produce and meats.  But what I really love about Bothell and it’s surrounding areas is that it’s full of families!  It’s a great place to raise kids because of it’s wonderful school districts and communities with parks and other little kiddos running around.  Lucy, Stella, Grayson and their families live within a 5 mile radius from Chris and I so we decided to hang out one HOT HOT morning at the Bothell Country Village.  This place is a little unique to say the least (there’s a two story chicken sculpture near the entrance) but it’s one of the best places to bring kids.  And boy did we have a blast!

Seattle Portrait Photography | Emilio+Fam

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Almost exactly two years after Amy+Erik got hitched, we got together for Emilio, their first son’s one year photo shoot.  I love my job as a photographer because not only is repeat business great, but along the way, we make awesome friends.  Hanging out with Amy, Erik, and Emilio was the highlight of that weekend.  It made me realize that I really need to hang out with them more!

Emilio has eyes that’ll someday break many hearts!  He’s started to break mine when we had to say goodbye to him.  Just take a peek of their photos and enjoy!

Seattle Portrait Photography | Dorothy+Casey+Bump

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking photos of first time expectant parents.  I don’t know how to put it into words, but I think it’s because when couples are expecting their first child, they feel so many things.  Excitement, nervousness, fear, love, joy…and the list goes on and on.  I think a woman’s most beautiful when she’s pregnant and excited.  She smiles with such conviction because she’s truly happy to be soon holding a little creation she’s made with her loving husband.

Seattle Family Photography | The Johnson Family | Discovery Park

Monday, November 25th, 2013

It’s almost that time of year…Thanksgiving!  November and Thanksgiving is all about family.  So for this week, we’re counting down to Turkey Day with a family a day!  Here’s the Johnson family!  SaraLeigh, Ryan, Reese, and Lee!


Seattle Family Photography | Theresa+Fam | Discovery Park

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

I love photographing families because it’s a great opportunity for me to play with kids.  Every child is different and each and one of their personalities cracks me up.  Theresa+Serimon are great parents, not because they’re personal friends of mine, but because I can see it through their kids.  You can tell Chloe wants to be like her beautiful mom in every way.  Anywhere from posing photos like her mom, to having matching boots and a mini scarf.  She’s on her way to being a beautiful classy little lady…just like her mother.  Christian thinks so highly of his daddy.  He told me his dad is stronger than Marshawn Lynch and can lift a whole house.  Now that’s a hero!

On a rare sunny Seattle fall afternoon, we went out to the park and took these lovely photos of the Strong family.  Enjoy!

Seattle Portrait Photography | The Bass Family | Magnolia

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Chris and I have been getting into the habit of shopping most of our weekly meat and produce at the Ballard Farmer’s Market.  It’s just so great to grab some coffee then stroll around with nice people from stand to stand picking through beautiful locally grown vegetables and fruit.  But what better way to spend a Sunday morning before the market than photographing a beautiful family?  Well, that just is the icing on the cake.  Check out the Bass Family!

Seattle Portrait Photography | Jean+Jun+Bump | Discovery Park

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Jean and I have been friends since high school.  And I’ve said this before, but I don’t remember ever meeting her.  And she doesn’t remember meeting me either.  In our memories, we were just in each others’ lives since around 1995 or so.  In high school, I was not one of the popular ones.  I had a little bit more than a handful of good girl friends I talked on the phone with and wrote notes to.  Those friendships lasted through college and to this day, we’re just as close as we’ve ever been.

Jean and I literally chat every single day.  If a day goes by without chatting with her, it feels like something’s misaligned.  I was in her wedding when she married her high school sweetheart, Jun, and she was my maid of honor when Chris and I got hitched.  A friendship like this doesn’t come by very often and I’m truly blessed for woman like Jean in my life.

Throughout the years of chatting daily with Jean, I’ve noticed our conversations take their slow turns, depending on where we are in our lives.  Currently, we chat a lot about babies and motherhood.  I’m blessed to be able to share with her in this, probably one of the happiest times of her life, and I truly can not wait to meet her and Jun’s little baby boy.  It was a long journey to get here, but a really good one.  I can’t be more happy for these two parents-to-be’s.  Enjoy their recent baby bump stroll through the park below and I’ll be excited to post photos of the little boy when he arrives.

Seattle Portrait Photography | Baby Max

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Hello world!  Please say hi to my newest love…Max!  While my husband was out of the country on business, I fell in love with another man…and that little man is baby Max.  Max’s father and I used to work together.  He used to be the Yin to my Yang as we slaved hours on end at our jobs.  When I heard he became a dad, I was so excited to get to meet his baby boy.  And oh my, did I fall head over heels for him.

Max is probably the sweetest little 6 week old I’ve ever met.  His mommy told me that he was on his best behavior that day because not one tear ran down those cute little cheeks.  He was happy as a clam…but definitely cuter than a clam.  His parents are new at doing the whole…well…parenting thing.  But I can tell they’re a great team.  They both kept telling me about how great it feels to be a parent and the overpowering joy that Max brought to their lives.  Max is very lucky to have such awesome parents and will grow up to be a fine young man.  I just know it!  But for now, enjoy this sneak peek of Max below!

Emily+Mom+Dad | Seattle Portrait Photography | Washington Arboretum

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Emily is a small lady with a great personality.  A baby that don’t fuss or cry when forced to wake up and look cute for the cameras in the freezing fall weather.  Emily just turned one year old about a month ago and we hope she learns to walk soon.  Can you imagine this cutie pie running around clumsily?  It would be the cutest thing.  Enjoy Emily with her Mom+Pop in their sneak peek below.  Oh and one more thing, I think Mom resembles a certain famous Chinese movie/pop star.  What do you think?  Enjoy!

Happy One-Day Old, Zoey!

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Today Chris and I had a chance to meet one of the cutest little things in the world, Baby Zoey!  Wai+Tats are our dear friends and I’ve known Wai since high school.  It’s hard to believe that life has brought us here and we’re now welcoming her first little baby girl to the world.  Zoey was born yesterday morning.  She made a grand entrance, surprising both her mommy and daddy by arriving earlier than expected.  But it was a great surprise indeed because it allowed Chris and I the opportunity to meet her just that much earlier.

Zoey and Daddy. One day old. :)

Just last weekend though, some of us friends threw Wai+Tats (and Zoey) a baby shower.  Little did we know at the time that it would just be one short week before she’d arrive.  Nonetheless, the then to-be parents had a great time and here’s some pics for them (and you) to enjoy!

Our friend Nora made this cute sign and guess what? She hand sewn the little farm animals! She is SO talented!

Zoo animals was the theme for the shower and the favors were animal crackers. Our dear friend Marla made strawberry lemon cupcakes with zoo animals as toppers. Cute!

Our friend Jean hand folded these mini diaper necklaces for the "Poopie Diaper" game.

Wai and Jamie have been friends since the 4th grade!!! And no doubt their little ones will grow up together as well.

Babies are little so our food had to be little! Jean made mini turkey sliders and I made mini frittatas! Yummo!

Marla also made an awesome strawberry lemon sangria...for us non to-be moms. :)

I made a canvas for the group to write messages to baby Zoey. It's hard to see, but the monkey is actually sitting on Wai's tummy. When I was taking this picture, Wai had no idea what I had in mind for her. But it worked out great and Zoey's coming into this world with warm, welcoming messages from those that love her already!

Top: Two awesome gals...Nora and Marla. Bottom: Wai with her work girl friends.


The cutest mom and dad ever! Congrats, Wai and Tats! Zoey is going to be a lucky little princess. We're so excited for you guys and thank you for allowing us to share in this happy time with you.