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Eight Twenty Eight, 2013

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013
There’s that one constant in my life.  A constant that allows me to follow my dreams.  To remind me to not waste my time doing something I do not enjoy because life’s too short.  A voice that’s so amazingly hilarious…a voice that literally make me laugh out loud on a daily basis.  A smile that walks through my door every evening even though the whole hours of the day leading up to that moment was stressful and horrendous.  The little things in life I used to think are dull is now eventful now that I have this invariable beacon of light in my life.  Things like going to the grocery store in sweats, in the middle of the night, is the very definition of my happiness.  This constant relieves me on those days when I’m so filled with pain and longing, my body shakes and I feel lost in desperation.  One hug from this constant brings my emotions back home and I realize: “nothing can be that bad with you around”.
Chris, thank you for being my constant for the last three years of our wonderful marriage.  I never believed in what a soul mate truly meant.  And to be honest, even as we stood on that alter, I still did not believe there was a soul mate for me.  Someone I can not live without.  But these last three years with you has made me realize that if my constant is gone, I will no longer be me.  In my wedding vows, I said “that even if the world’s falling out from under my feet, I’ll be found in you…still standing.”  You’ve proven those words to be more than true.  Thank you for standing beneath me, to catch me, when I needed you the most.  There’s nothing in this world that can ever break the foundation we’ve built together.  I love you for everything that you are and for all that you’ve made me become.
Happy anniversary!

2007 PriceWaterhouse Christmas Party

First trip to New York in 2007

Our first trip to San Diego in 2008

Winter storm outside of our first home together in North Seattle 2008

Our friend Jean+Jun's wedding in 2009

The night we got engaged 2009

Our trip to China to introduce Chris to my family 2010

Our wedding day...8/28/2010

Hawaii honeymoon in 2010 on our way to North Shore

Last weekend on our routine trip to Ballard farmer's market




Seattle Engagement Photography | Quynh+Paul | Seattle Waterfront

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Paul and I go WAY back.  We’ve known of one another since high school, but I really didn’t get to know him as a friend until college.  At that time, Paul was working at Washington Mutual as a loan agent and I also happened to bank there.  Working three jobs and going to school full time, I didn’t always have the time to properly manage my money.  So Paul would oftentimes check my balances for me, and if I was running low before a payday, he would put some money in there to help me cushion for another couple of days.  He’s one of those guys.  I never asked him to do this, but because he’s such a nice, selfless, and thoughtful guy, it’s just what he does.

And to this day, Paul’s still that same guy.  He hasn’t changed a bit.  I used to think if one day he finds a girl that’s deserving of his heart, that girl would be a pretty lucky gal.  And Quynh just happens to be his perfect other half.  It took them awhile to realize they were meant to be because Quynh also went to high school with us.  But later is better than never!  Because Paul and I have known each other for so long, we’ve seen one another date other people.  But I’ve never seen Paul so at ease and content as he is now.  Quynh is his compliment and I just can’t be happier for these two.  Not only are we photographing their wedding, but we’ll also be guests.  Those are the best weddings a photographer can attend because we can drink and shoot at the same time!  :)  I am only kidding…sort of…but until we bring you wedding photos of these two cuties, enjoy their engagement session sneak peek below.

Play the slideshow below for more of  Quynh+Paul.  If you are on an iPhone or an iPhone, click HERE.

I Glove Sundays!

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

I’ve been into fingerless gloves lately.  I’m not a normal glove wearer.  I actually have this really interesting condition where my hands are almost always warm.  Well, maybe it’s not a condition.  But whatever it is, I’m one of those lucky ones that always have warm hands.  Weird huh?  Or maybe I’m blessed.

The weather’s turned in Seattle in the last week.  It’s as if winter has finally come and the weather dropped into the 20′s…in the day time.  When it’s that cold and we’re out shooting, I tend to grasp my camera until my knuckles turn white!  I’m pretty sure doing this will eventually give me arthritis, but what the hay!  I love shooting…so I’ll risk it.  Fingerless gloves help with this though and I was able to found these cute gloves on Etsy.  They come all the way from Turkey!!!  That’s right, I’m an international shopper.  I love these so much, I GLOVE them!  Corny, I know.  But this is the best you’re gonna get out of me on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Apple on an Apple

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

The hubby and I are taking a well deserved vacation to NYC for the next week or so.  Please stay tuned for some exciting things to come on our blog.  Upon our return, we’ll have a special Apple iPhone post of the The Big Apple, a special segment we started after our Chicago trip last September.

Our bags are packed and as you can tell, Chewy has already helped us with airplane reading material (he knows I wanted photo inspirational magazines).  We’re so ready for yummy food and beautiful sites.  And oh, fun factoid about C+C, Chris told me he loved me for the first time infront of the McDonald’s Time Square.  :)  So NYC holds a lot of meaning for us.

We’ll miss you all and we’ll see you in a few days!




Happy One-Day Old, Zoey!

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Today Chris and I had a chance to meet one of the cutest little things in the world, Baby Zoey!  Wai+Tats are our dear friends and I’ve known Wai since high school.  It’s hard to believe that life has brought us here and we’re now welcoming her first little baby girl to the world.  Zoey was born yesterday morning.  She made a grand entrance, surprising both her mommy and daddy by arriving earlier than expected.  But it was a great surprise indeed because it allowed Chris and I the opportunity to meet her just that much earlier.

Zoey and Daddy. One day old. :)

Just last weekend though, some of us friends threw Wai+Tats (and Zoey) a baby shower.  Little did we know at the time that it would just be one short week before she’d arrive.  Nonetheless, the then to-be parents had a great time and here’s some pics for them (and you) to enjoy!

Our friend Nora made this cute sign and guess what? She hand sewn the little farm animals! She is SO talented!

Zoo animals was the theme for the shower and the favors were animal crackers. Our dear friend Marla made strawberry lemon cupcakes with zoo animals as toppers. Cute!

Our friend Jean hand folded these mini diaper necklaces for the "Poopie Diaper" game.

Wai and Jamie have been friends since the 4th grade!!! And no doubt their little ones will grow up together as well.

Babies are little so our food had to be little! Jean made mini turkey sliders and I made mini frittatas! Yummo!

Marla also made an awesome strawberry lemon sangria...for us non to-be moms. :)

I made a canvas for the group to write messages to baby Zoey. It's hard to see, but the monkey is actually sitting on Wai's tummy. When I was taking this picture, Wai had no idea what I had in mind for her. But it worked out great and Zoey's coming into this world with warm, welcoming messages from those that love her already!

Top: Two awesome gals...Nora and Marla. Bottom: Wai with her work girl friends.


The cutest mom and dad ever! Congrats, Wai and Tats! Zoey is going to be a lucky little princess. We're so excited for you guys and thank you for allowing us to share in this happy time with you.

Cindi+Chris’ll make ya…

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Jump Jump!

In a few more years, will Kris Kross references be lost to history?  Will the Daddy Mac and the Mac Daddy be as forgotten as the 3rd crew member of the Apollo 11, Crystal Pepsi, or the Strawberry-n-Creme Twinkies of yesteryore?

I don’t know.  But I do know that it’s strange to start a thought-thread with 2 of 1992′s most prolific hippity hoppers and end with a delectable discontinued pseudo-food snack treat.

Oh yes, and we believe in fun.  That much I do know.  In fact, I did have a reason for posting today:  While finishing up edits on Kat+Jeff’s session from a couple of weeks ago, I came across several shots that I just had to share.  They were just too much fun, and deserve to not be lost to historic obscurity.

I love how this sequence just captures the carefree and fun-loving essence of Kat+Jeff. It totally came through on the shoot that day. A consummate professional, Kat even held her face and pose even while Jeff leapt right over her.

Calm Before the Storm

Monday, February 27th, 2012

All week I’ve been watching forecasts calling for Seattle snowpacalypse v2.0.  Then possible snowpacalypse.  Then potential flurries.  Then rain.  Then… eh, I think they gave up and went outside.  Because it was radio silent and deceivingly sunny all weekend (though we did get a fleeting flake or two that vanished as quick as it came).

There’s a lot of excitement, panic, and excited panic before a storm.  And as we gear up for our 2012 photo-season, we’re happy to report we have much more excitement than panic.  We’re excited to step out of 2011 and into the flurries of 2012.  Last year was such a blast, with so much OMGYEEHOO!, that this year can’t come fast enough.  We’re ready to start snapping out pix we just can’t wait to share with you all, and eager to help you make your perfect moments perfect.

We’re kicking off this year’s wedding season next weekend with the first in a string of super-awesome couples.  As we dust off our gear, tune up our setups, and get hyped for 2012, we’re making sure we also slow down a bit and enjoy this calm, relaxing stretch.  Because there’s so much more OMGWOO on the way.

The 20 and Me

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

I’ve always been a pretty decisive person.  Most of the time, the decisions I make turn out well.  And there are some times where those decisions turn out GREAT.  For instance, the decision to adopt a dog on a Saturday, and going out and getting the first one I ever saw on that following Monday.  Or the decision to say “yes” when Chris asked me out on our first date (best one ever!!!).  Or the decision to become serious at wedding photography on a Monday, and going out to buy a camera on a Wednesday.

That camera I decided to buy was a used Canon 20D from famous camera store Glazers in Seattle.  I drove into town one rainy day after work, saw the camera body in the glass case, asked the sales person to hold it, and the rest was history.  For the first time in a long time, I felt like I was home.  The camera and my hand molded together as if this black piece of metal had always been meant for my hand.  Without hesitation, I spent the $275 and the rest was history.

I went home with the 20D body in hand and one of the first things I did was buy the Canon 50mm 1.8 prime lens and start shooting away.  And although I’ve since moved on from the 20D, I still love this camera and use it as my primary backup body for weddings.  Some of my favorite pictures were taken with my old love, and I will never forget that moment when I first realized I’ve taken a great photo.  Below are some oldies from the archives of Cindi+Chris Photography.  Enjoy!

‘Tis the Season…

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

It is once again that time of the year.  Stores all across the country has already been stocking up and displaying Christmas decorations.  I swear, the older I get, the faster the holiday seasons come.  Every year during this time, I try to live my life at a slower pace to try to enjoy as much of the holidays as I can (as this is my favorite time of year) and to try to spend it with family.  This year though, Chris and I have decided to do something a little bit extra for those that need it.

A dear friend and old colleague of mine, Molly and her husband are active members of the Patrons of Cystic Fibrosis Guild.  Each year, the Guild hosts a gala that includes a silent and live auction to help raise money that help fund research towards finding a cure for this awful disease.  When Molly thought of Cindi+Chris Photography and asked us to donate our services, I was so thrilled and honored to have been asked.  There was no doubt in my mind…I wanted to help in any way I can and we’ve decided to donate an hour of our photography services to a deserving family/individual.  When I spoke to Molly some more, I found out that this disease affects many young children.  We’ll be honored to photograph anyone that wins our auction item, but it would be super special if a family that’s been affected by this disease received a chance to take holiday family pictures.  Chris and I hope to get more involved with this organization to help a chance to help more than just one person or one family.  Tis the season to pay it forward and this is a great way to start!

5 Things You Didn’t Know About My Love

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Being in this business, we’re constantly surrounded by love.  We talk about it a ton, this love thing.  We’re blessed to be able to do what we love, and love doing what we do around this love thing.

Love — you learn from it, you grow from it, and if you’re lucky enough, you live it.

But I don’t think we’ve talked enough about my love.  No, not photography — Cindi.


5 things I bet you didn’t know about my love.

1)  She’s a reformed cat burglar.  OK, maybe that’s the wrong term.  What I mean to say, is she’s a reformed catnapper.  I’ve never been an animal person, but Cindi was a package deal with a dog and a cat.  She has this affinity for animals that took me forever to quite understand.  She squeals around dogs like I do around children or miniature fruit tarts.  Her heart melts when we pass the MaxMobile pet adoption truck, the very same way mine does when we pass an ice cream truck.I must admit, I do now very much love hanging out with our little loyal pets, and I credit Cindi with teaching me what that is.  I later learned that this love for animals started at a very young age.  Once upon a time, wee little Cindi met a neighbor’s cat that she adored.  So much so, she stole it and took it home.  For reals.

2)  She reminds me of Looney Toons.   Not just because she’s constantly animated or throws facial expressions like something out of an anime.  But because she also learned English as a second language at a young age by watching TV. At times, this has resulted in passing off some interesting vocabulary and phrases as hilarious proper English.  My fave is when she stacks modals and says things like “I used to could,” before jumping in to the air, freezing for a second, and then disappearing out of view with a whizbang and smoke-cloud trail.

3)  She ran a fashion blog.  It’s true.  Over at Simply Cindi.  If you don’t know, now you knowww…

4)  She didn’t think she was creative.  When we first met, and she found out I was into the arts, she was amazed.  She had always considered herself a huge fan of artistic endeavors, but didn’t consider herself a creative person.  In fact, she felt a natural gravitation toward Marketing and Advertising, but opted instead for the safer Finance/Accounting route coming out of University because she doubted her ability to be creative.  Mostly because when playing Pictionary her pictures looked… well, … like this:



But when she found out I had a thing for photography, she really pushed for us to pick up some pro-ish gear.  In a flash she had bought us a Nikon DSLR and lenses for me to snap photos of our life away on.  It wasn’t long before her appreciation of photography became a love for creating.  We ditched the Nikon when we (mostly driven by her) found ourselves more Canon-folk.  She started herself on a used body, which she outgrew in mere weeks, and it wasn’t too long before she had found herself with her very own overflowing drawer of pro-level gear.  All to herself.  I’m constantly amazed at the shots she captures, the keen eye she shares, when I think back to how black-white-and-gray her life buried in financial spreadsheets was.

5)  She’s not very good at following rules.  At least when they come from me, or as noted above, the English.  She’s bold is all.  She follows her heart and what she knows is right, regardless of whether it is “the norm,” the expected, or even the common practice.  I’ve learned a lot from ever since combining efforts and deciding we’d do this photography thing together.  She’s shown me how to be less self-conscious, something I don’t think I would’ve been able to pick up if it weren’t for her, and I think it’s made us a bolder, more fearless pair of photographers.  She’s constantly pushing us to try harder and go further, while challenging us to evaluate how we do things — just because everybody else may do something one way, doesn’t mean it exemplifies a true focus on the client and delivers what’s best for them.

Yeah, she’s pretty cool.