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Happy One-Day Old, Zoey!

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Today Chris and I had a chance to meet one of the cutest little things in the world, Baby Zoey!  Wai+Tats are our dear friends and I’ve known Wai since high school.  It’s hard to believe that life has brought us here and we’re now welcoming her first little baby girl to the world.  Zoey was born yesterday morning.  She made a grand entrance, surprising both her mommy and daddy by arriving earlier than expected.  But it was a great surprise indeed because it allowed Chris and I the opportunity to meet her just that much earlier.

Zoey and Daddy. One day old. :)

Just last weekend though, some of us friends threw Wai+Tats (and Zoey) a baby shower.  Little did we know at the time that it would just be one short week before she’d arrive.  Nonetheless, the then to-be parents had a great time and here’s some pics for them (and you) to enjoy!

Our friend Nora made this cute sign and guess what? She hand sewn the little farm animals! She is SO talented!

Zoo animals was the theme for the shower and the favors were animal crackers. Our dear friend Marla made strawberry lemon cupcakes with zoo animals as toppers. Cute!

Our friend Jean hand folded these mini diaper necklaces for the "Poopie Diaper" game.

Wai and Jamie have been friends since the 4th grade!!! And no doubt their little ones will grow up together as well.

Babies are little so our food had to be little! Jean made mini turkey sliders and I made mini frittatas! Yummo!

Marla also made an awesome strawberry lemon sangria...for us non to-be moms. :)

I made a canvas for the group to write messages to baby Zoey. It's hard to see, but the monkey is actually sitting on Wai's tummy. When I was taking this picture, Wai had no idea what I had in mind for her. But it worked out great and Zoey's coming into this world with warm, welcoming messages from those that love her already!

Top: Two awesome gals...Nora and Marla. Bottom: Wai with her work girl friends.


The cutest mom and dad ever! Congrats, Wai and Tats! Zoey is going to be a lucky little princess. We're so excited for you guys and thank you for allowing us to share in this happy time with you.