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Seattle Couples Photography – Margi+Travis

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

I met Margi at my old job a few years back when Margi was just graduating from school and interviewing at the same company.  When I first met her, it was really easy to fall in love with her because she’s exceptionally beautiful on the outside, but a genuinely warm person on the inside.  My company at the time, of course, made her an offer but unfortunately Margi took another offer with a different firm.  This may have been the best decision she’s ever made because it was this decision that led her down a path that eventually introduced her to Travis.

Travis is one of those guys you love and trust immediately…probably after you’ve had your first pint of beer with him.  You see, a couple years after I met Margi…I met Travis.  Through chit chat and casual conversation, I found him to be smart, kind, and amazingly funny.  I met each of them separately, but when I eventually found out they were a couple, I could not have imagined a better fit.  Both Margi+Travis are genuinely good people and they are so in love.

This post and slideshow is coincidentally timed perfectly because Margi+Travis just got engaged this past Friday.  I squealed when I read the news because it truly makes me happy when I see two people so perfect for one another step into another chapter in their lives.  Travis probably made Margi the luckiest girl on this planet last Friday and when she said yes, he the luckiest man.  Together they are in for a lifetime of happiness!

Margi+Travis, congrats on your engagement!  Enjoy your slideshow!



Slideshow below, or over here in HD.