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Seattle Engagement Photography | Priscilla+Dale | Washington Arboretum and Edmonds Beach

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Priscilla+Dale will be getting married in about four weeks and a couple of weeks ago, we were lucky enough to spend a nice Sunday afternoon with them walking in the park and on the beach.  Priscilla is a photographer’s dream.  Why?  Well, because she laughs on command!  I’ve never worked with anyone that can laugh naturally as easily as she can.  And although Dale is a little bit more serious, when we asked him to be a little silly infront of our lenses, he totally surprised us.  I wonder what the wedding day will bring out of these two.  Check out their engagement sneak peek below.

There’s more photos in Priscilla+Dale’s  slideshow below.  If you are on an iPhone or an iPhone, click HERE.

Seattle Engagement Photography | Brooke+Corey | Kerry Park and Discovery Park

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

When Brooke+Corey told us they wanted their engagement photos to be a little bit different than what they’re used to, I was ecstatic!  They were open to almost anything and I have always wanted to do an engagement shoot with water balloons.  So when I pitched the idea to them, they were more than gun-hoe about it.  They even upped the ante by bringing some super soakers!  Chris and I were having as much fun as they were having in these photos while shooting them.

In addition to having fun, they also wanted to recreate their engagement night.  In Corey’s words, the engagement “was a story of plans gone wrong”.  Corey was supposed to surprise Brooke with a romantic proposal by asking her to take a picture of him with the Space Needle in the background and right before she would snap the shot, he’d get down on one knee.  But when he started to that, the ring rolled out of the box, dropped on the ground and in the knick of time, Brooke snapped the shot of Corey looking at the ground, “dumbfounded” (also Corey’s words).  Although the proposal didn’t go the way Corey wanted (let’s be honest, what proposal ever go perfectly right?) we still believe it was a romantic night for these love birds.  If their engagement was this fun, I just can’t wait for their wedding in 2014.  But for now, enjoy their sneak peek!



There’s more photos in Brooke+Corey’s  slideshow below.  If you are on an iPhone or an iPhone, click HERE.





Seattle Wedding Photography | Jody+Joe | Washington Athletic Club

Monday, July 1st, 2013

When you think of romance, fun times, and unrestrained partying, naturally you think accountants.

Right?  Wait, no?

Well we do.  And if you don’t, you haven’t been hanging with the right accountants.

Jody+Joe happen to be 2 accountants in love.  And 1 in 4 at their wedding were also of the beancounting brotherhood (they did the math, of course).  Let me tell you, them accountants sure know how to do them some weddin’!

When we first arrived, Jody was calm and quiet.  Too calm and quiet.  Maybe it was nerves, or maybe it was too early, but this much composure on your wedding day is illegal in 48 out of 50 states.

It all changed when we reached the first look, and she and Joe set their eyes on each other.  You could see it all melt away.  We watched as Jody+Joe let loose and returned to being carefree in the comfort of each other’s presence.  That, my friends, is how you know it’s love.

There’s more photos in Jody+Joe’s  slideshow below.  If you are on an iPhone or an iPhone, click HERE.



Seattle Wedding Photography | Brianna+Jack | Edgewater Inn & Sculpture Park

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

As a wedding photographer, I love my job.  Because I get to be by the sides of truly awesome people on the happiest days of their lives.  Seeing people in love and how they interact with one another on a day they’re starting a new future together is truly a blessing.  I couldn’t ask for a better job and I am lucky enough to work with the best people.  Brianna+Jack are two of those people.  Their wedding day was so stress free and went on without any hitches.  It was probably one of the easiest weddings we’ve ever done.

You know that saying, you can often judge someone’s character by their friends?  No?  Did I remember that wrong?  Well, if that saying is somewhat true, then Brianna+Jack are great people.  I believe one of the reasons why their wedding day went so smoothly was because of their friends.  The wedding party never strayed to do their own thing.  They were present when they should for pictures and never left the bride or groom’s side when we needed them to be there.  Jack’s best man made one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard and it was pretty evident that he spent a lot of time on it.  Brianna+Jack were surrounded by all these people that loved them and it speaks volumes about how they are as people.  Chris and I were so happy we got a chance to capture their happy day.  Enjoy their wedding photos below!


There’s more photos in Brianna+Jack’s  slideshow below.  If you are on an iPhone or an iPhone, click HERE.


Seattle Engagement Photography | Samantha+Nicky | SoDo+Washington Arboredum

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

On a nice Saturday afternoon, we went out on a stroll through SoDo with Samantha+Nicky.  Leading up to this engagement shoot, we’ve only worked through and met with Samantha.  Nicky currently lives in Arizona as he’s helping us serve our country in the military.  Just for that, we should applaud Nicky for his dedication to our country!  We should also applaud these two for doing one of the hardest things in a relationship…maintaining a long distance relationship.  So we thought the song “Near or Far” by Carissa Rae would be suiting for their slideshow.  Hopefully after the wedding, Sam+Nicky can finally live in the same city again.

Since we haven’t met, we didn’t know what to expect from Nicky.  But we knew since Sam was such a sweet person, the person that she loves will probably be pretty cool as well.  And cool he was.  He was more than that…he was outright wonderful!  It didn’t take us long to realize Sam+Nicky are a perfect match for one another.  They are both the kind of people you meet and immediately feel comfortable to be with.  There’s no awkward small talk with these two.  They’re genuinely nice people who listens to what you have to say and laughs at your corny jokes not just to be nice but truly because they find you funny.

Sam+Nicky’s marrying this September on Whidbey Island at the gorgeous Fireseed Catering.  It is truly a fabulous location and I just can’t wait for their wedding day.  September is one of the most gorgeous months in Seattle and how fitting because Sam+Nicky are a gorgeous couple.  Just take a look and judge for yourselves!  Enjoy their engagement sneakpeek below!

Play the slideshow below for more of  Samantha+Nicky.  If you are on an iPhone or an iPhone, click HERE.

Portland Wedding Photography | Kat+Jeff | Cornelius Pass Roadhouse

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

We arrived in Portland the night before the wedding just so we can fit in an extra meal because Chris and I love love love Portland’s food scene.  Every time we go there, our first top has to be Pok Pok’s for their spicy garlic fish sauce wings.  After two stomachs full of wings, we checked into our hotel to get a nice night’s rest in anticipation for an awesome wedding the next day.

And what a wedding it was!  Kat+Jeff’s nuptials were held at one of the most unique locations we’ve ever shot at.  The octagonal barn was in the middle of a baby forest right in the center of town.  Once inside, you couldn’t tell there was a Fred Meyer right across the street.

Kat+Jeff are young lovers who met in high school, so you can call them high school sweethearts.  A lot of young loves that start out this way don’t actually last this long.  But we know these young love birds are going to make it.  Why?  Well, Kat is a loving and nurturing sweetheart who’s totally dedicated to her family.  And Jeff is a responsible, patient, and loving man that tends to stick around the people he really cares about.  With this combination, there’s no doubt they will be the poster couple for all high school sweethearts.

With that said, enjoy some of their wedding sneakpeek photos below and help us in congratulating this awesome couple.

Play the slideshow below for more of Kat+Jeff.  If you are on an iPhone or an iPhone, click HERE.

Seattle Wedding Photography: Suzanne+John

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

If there’s one thing for a bride to worry about in the Pacific Northwet, it’s rain (har har, see what I did there?).

It comes up all the time when we chat with brides up here.  Should I shoot for mid or late Summer?  Is September too late?  Where should my backup ceremony location be?  Do I need to pick up cute umbrellas just in case?  Contingency plan.  What locations will we use for portraits if it does happen?  You lied to me Steve Pool.  How can I best keep the rain off the dress?  Is that makeup waterproof?  No, I don’t mean for tears.  Rain is such a fact of life up here that you can’t help but have it on your mind, all. the. time.  And it’s enough to drive your stress level through the roof and back.

That is, unless, you’re Suzanne.

Remember Suzanne?  We shot Suzanne+John this past March for their engagement session, and rain tagged along for the fun.  But it didn’t phase them then, and it sure didn’t phase them this time.  Nerves of steel, these two.

I’ve always known Suzanne to be calm, composed, and refined.  She gave me my first ‘big break’ out of college when she hired me into my first real job as part of her team.  To this day I’ve never worked with someone who rolled with the punches and embraced Murphy’s Law better than Suzanne does.  Or was as thoughtful and nurturing.  She never failed to make sure I was squeezing all the learnings out of my experiences, or getting enough to eat in spite of my not-yet-broken-bad-habit of skipping lunch.  Suzanne was my first work-mom.

On Suzanne+John’s big day, it rained sideways, and they shrugged.  It rained upwards, and they waved it off.  We had lightning and thunder and they ooh’d, ahh’d, and smiled through it.  And you know what happened?

It stopped.  Right on schedule for their first look.

Suzanne+John are at the same time your gorgeous classic couple frozen in elegance, and your quintessential young lovebirds those romantic feel-good movies are made about.  Surrounded by the closest of family and friends, it was an honor to be a part of their celebration.

More from their big day in Suzanne+John’s slideshow below.  To view the slideshow in HD or if you’re on an iPad or iPhone, click HERE.

Seattle Engagement Photography: Jackie+Justin

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

You can find everything you need on, from ‘A’ to ‘Z.’  And for J+J, that included their 1 and only.

Jackie and Justin first met while working at the tech giant, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect fit.  She’s a spunky go-getting firecracker who makes things happen.  He’s a laid back go-with-the-flow box of mystery, intrigue, and hilarity.  Together, they’re a harmonious balance of fun, excitement, sexy legendary good times, and love.  Oh, the love!

Leading up to a wedding, we typically work more with the bride to make sure we see her vision for the big day, and plan how to capture it best.  As we’ve gotten to know Jackie more over these past few months, it’s become very apparent how nurturing, caring, and welcoming she is.  This is the girl that will take you to coffee happy hour on your first day, play tour guide when you visit her city, or walk you to that hard-to-find-whatchamacalit when you find yourself lost.

We get more and more excited as we learn more and more about what Jackie+Justin have in store for their big wedding this September.  And knowing how friendly, hospitable, and absolutely fun Jackie is, we have no doubt it’ll be one smashing shindig.  We cannot wait!

Congrats you two crazy kids. <3 C+C.


See more of their engagement session in their slideshow below.  If you’re on an iPad or iPhone, you can catch the video here.


Cindi+Chris’ll make ya…

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Jump Jump!

In a few more years, will Kris Kross references be lost to history?  Will the Daddy Mac and the Mac Daddy be as forgotten as the 3rd crew member of the Apollo 11, Crystal Pepsi, or the Strawberry-n-Creme Twinkies of yesteryore?

I don’t know.  But I do know that it’s strange to start a thought-thread with 2 of 1992′s most prolific hippity hoppers and end with a delectable discontinued pseudo-food snack treat.

Oh yes, and we believe in fun.  That much I do know.  In fact, I did have a reason for posting today:  While finishing up edits on Kat+Jeff’s session from a couple of weeks ago, I came across several shots that I just had to share.  They were just too much fun, and deserve to not be lost to historic obscurity.

I love how this sequence just captures the carefree and fun-loving essence of Kat+Jeff. It totally came through on the shoot that day. A consummate professional, Kat even held her face and pose even while Jeff leapt right over her.

Seattle Engagement Photography: Kathy+Angelo

Monday, April 9th, 2012

They say to find your dream job, find something you love.  To us, the other half of the secret formula is finding people you love to do it with.  Now, I suppose you could say Cindi and I get along pretty well, but we feel incredibly blessed that we have the most awesome couples to work with.  Love ‘em love ‘em love ‘em.

Meeting Kathy+Angelo was like getting together with old friends.  At our initial “potential client” / “potential photog” meeting, they invited us into their home on a typical sprinkly-but-sunny-Seattle-Sunday-afternoon, and we ended up chatting for hours on everything.

It’s no wonder our shoot went the same way.  We spent the day all around Seattle, laughing, joking, and goofing off (you can tell they like to squeeze the fun out of life, and don’t sweat the small stuff — like the threat of rain we faced all week).  We even had a lunch break in between (you can tell they also like to squeeze the food out of life, being a lot like us and planning to-do’s around to-eat’s).  It’s was just like heading out with our besties, except somewhere in there pounded out several gigabytes of photos.

Check out more photos of Kathy+Angelo in their slideshow below.  To view the slideshow in HD, or if you’re on an iPad or iPhone, click HERE.