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Seattle Family Photography | The Ambion Family | Discovery Park

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

Life’s been super busy after having a baby and I only have ONE baby!  I can not imagine what moms of two or three must go through each day and I bow my head to them because they are amazing!  Having a little family of my own has truly made me appreciate how great, fun, and important family photos are.  Our kids are only small for such a short amount of time.  How important it is to capture these times.  I grew up in China so there’s not a lot of photos of me as a kid.  The few I do have, I cherish so much.  I wish I had more!  So when Kathy+Angelo+Andre wanted to take photos, I couldn’t wait to help them capture this little fleeting moment of time for them.  This was taking back during the fall still and I just had enough time to post.  Andre is such an adorable kid and he’s lucky enough to have the most amazing, loving parents.  We photographed Kathy+Angelo’s wedding about 3 years ago so we know what a great couple these two are.  Now that we’ve seen them become parents, that same type of love they share with each other has spread and grown a million-fold for their little guy.  I loved spending the afternoon with them and hope to see Andre grow into a handsome (and much loved) little man.

Seattle Portrait Photography | Emilio+Fam

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Almost exactly two years after Amy+Erik got hitched, we got together for Emilio, their first son’s one year photo shoot.  I love my job as a photographer because not only is repeat business great, but along the way, we make awesome friends.  Hanging out with Amy, Erik, and Emilio was the highlight of that weekend.  It made me realize that I really need to hang out with them more!

Emilio has eyes that’ll someday break many hearts!  He’s started to break mine when we had to say goodbye to him.  Just take a peek of their photos and enjoy!

Seattle Family Photography | The Johnson Family | Discovery Park

Monday, November 25th, 2013

It’s almost that time of year…Thanksgiving!  November and Thanksgiving is all about family.  So for this week, we’re counting down to Turkey Day with a family a day!  Here’s the Johnson family!  SaraLeigh, Ryan, Reese, and Lee!


Seattle Wedding Photography | Rachel+CJ | Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center; Discovery Park

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

I’m sure we’ve all met someone that automatically made us feel comfortable around them without them even trying very hard.  That’s how I strive to be when I meet new people and Rachel was that person for me.  I first met Rachel while shooting Bre+Casey’s wedding last fall.  When Rachel contacted me about photography and we met at a coffee shop, I knew right away that she was the type of bride I wanted to shoot.  She has an innate ability to comfort people that’s around her and her wedding day was just that.  Rachel+CJ wanted to celebrate with their closest family and friends.  They’re the couple that’s so thoughtful that they didn’t even get their own plate of food until their guests all got their food during reception.  And they are so meant to be for one another.

It doesn’t take long for one to see how passionate CJ is about Rachel.  Not only did his vows to her made me tear through my camera lens, it was also the way he held her during our portrait session together.  Whatever pose we asked him to do, he did with such ease.  As if he’s meant to hold her all his life.  And the way he touches her face when he kisses her…it melts my heart.

We were so blessed to be apart of this awesome couple’s wedding day.  Take a look at their sneak peek and slideshow below!

There’s more photos in Rachel+CJ’s  slideshow below.  If you are on an iPhone or an iPhone, click HERE.

Seattle Engagement Photography | Brooke+Corey | Kerry Park and Discovery Park

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

When Brooke+Corey told us they wanted their engagement photos to be a little bit different than what they’re used to, I was ecstatic!  They were open to almost anything and I have always wanted to do an engagement shoot with water balloons.  So when I pitched the idea to them, they were more than gun-hoe about it.  They even upped the ante by bringing some super soakers!  Chris and I were having as much fun as they were having in these photos while shooting them.

In addition to having fun, they also wanted to recreate their engagement night.  In Corey’s words, the engagement “was a story of plans gone wrong”.  Corey was supposed to surprise Brooke with a romantic proposal by asking her to take a picture of him with the Space Needle in the background and right before she would snap the shot, he’d get down on one knee.  But when he started to that, the ring rolled out of the box, dropped on the ground and in the knick of time, Brooke snapped the shot of Corey looking at the ground, “dumbfounded” (also Corey’s words).  Although the proposal didn’t go the way Corey wanted (let’s be honest, what proposal ever go perfectly right?) we still believe it was a romantic night for these love birds.  If their engagement was this fun, I just can’t wait for their wedding in 2014.  But for now, enjoy their sneak peek!



There’s more photos in Brooke+Corey’s  slideshow below.  If you are on an iPhone or an iPhone, click HERE.





Seattle Portrait Photography | Jean+Jun+Bump | Discovery Park

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Jean and I have been friends since high school.  And I’ve said this before, but I don’t remember ever meeting her.  And she doesn’t remember meeting me either.  In our memories, we were just in each others’ lives since around 1995 or so.  In high school, I was not one of the popular ones.  I had a little bit more than a handful of good girl friends I talked on the phone with and wrote notes to.  Those friendships lasted through college and to this day, we’re just as close as we’ve ever been.

Jean and I literally chat every single day.  If a day goes by without chatting with her, it feels like something’s misaligned.  I was in her wedding when she married her high school sweetheart, Jun, and she was my maid of honor when Chris and I got hitched.  A friendship like this doesn’t come by very often and I’m truly blessed for woman like Jean in my life.

Throughout the years of chatting daily with Jean, I’ve noticed our conversations take their slow turns, depending on where we are in our lives.  Currently, we chat a lot about babies and motherhood.  I’m blessed to be able to share with her in this, probably one of the happiest times of her life, and I truly can not wait to meet her and Jun’s little baby boy.  It was a long journey to get here, but a really good one.  I can’t be more happy for these two parents-to-be’s.  Enjoy their recent baby bump stroll through the park below and I’ll be excited to post photos of the little boy when he arrives.

Seattle Portrait Photography | Discovery Park | Sherrie, Chad, and Kids

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Everyone, please meet Sherrie, Chad, and their two lovely kids.  We spent a sunny, but cold morning at our favorite park to shoot, Discovery Park in Seattle and we had so much fun with this family.  Sherrie said that this was the first time they’ve ever gotten professional photos taken…EVER!  Although Sherrie and Chad were a little shy infront of the camera at first (the kids, as usual, are always naturals), they quickly warmed up after some minor coaching.  And as these photos show for themselves, the family had an awesome time around the park.  They will also be welcoming a new member to their family, a Golden Retriever pup!  Hopefully we’ll be able to meet that new addition in the future.  For now though, enjoy their photo sneak peek!

Seattle Engagement Photography: Suryn+Shawn

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

On a rainy winter Seattle night, Chris+I met up with Suryn+Shawn at a Seattle Starbucks to discuss their wedding in more detail.  I remember getting really amped up for the meeting because I was extremely excited about their wedding location.  This August, Suryn+Shawn will tie the knot in Leavenworth, WA at The Sleeping Lady resort.  Chris+I had previously shot a wedding here before and we just fell in love with this place.  However, after we talked and chatted over coffee with Suryn+Shawn, we fell in love with them even more.

We were definitely excited to work with Suryn+Shawn after postponing our initial shoot due to rain (Seattle…figures!).  They arrived at our first location, Pioneer Square, looking prim, cute, and super nervous.  And as luck would have it, the Sounder’s game had just let out.  Meaning…loads of people were walking around in the area.  It didn’t phase them though, and as these pictures show, they totally brought their A game.  There’s this vulnerability about Suryn that’s hard to describe in words.  But her eyes are fierce, her smile is mesmerizing so it’s no wonder Shawn is crazily in love.  And well…Shawn…I mean…just look at that smile!  These two made our job that day so easy, so we can’t be more excited to work with them again on their wedding day.  For now, take a peek at their engagement photos below.

Check out more of their engagement session below in their awesome slideshow!  If you’re on an iPad or iPhone, you can watch the video here.

Seattle Engagement Photography: Kathy+Angelo

Monday, April 9th, 2012

They say to find your dream job, find something you love.  To us, the other half of the secret formula is finding people you love to do it with.  Now, I suppose you could say Cindi and I get along pretty well, but we feel incredibly blessed that we have the most awesome couples to work with.  Love ‘em love ‘em love ‘em.

Meeting Kathy+Angelo was like getting together with old friends.  At our initial “potential client” / “potential photog” meeting, they invited us into their home on a typical sprinkly-but-sunny-Seattle-Sunday-afternoon, and we ended up chatting for hours on everything.

It’s no wonder our shoot went the same way.  We spent the day all around Seattle, laughing, joking, and goofing off (you can tell they like to squeeze the fun out of life, and don’t sweat the small stuff — like the threat of rain we faced all week).  We even had a lunch break in between (you can tell they also like to squeeze the food out of life, being a lot like us and planning to-do’s around to-eat’s).  It’s was just like heading out with our besties, except somewhere in there pounded out several gigabytes of photos.

Check out more photos of Kathy+Angelo in their slideshow below.  To view the slideshow in HD, or if you’re on an iPad or iPhone, click HERE.


Seattle Engagement Photography: Suzanne+John

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Chris and I have known Suzanne for quite some time now.  Chris knows her more than I do because she was the first person to give him his big break right after college.  Yep…she gave him his first real job.  And I would have to tip my hat off to Suzanne as well because if she never gave Chris that chance, I would have never met him at work!  So you see, it felt only fitting for us to photograph Suzanne+John’s union because she was the one that first helped unite Chris+me.

Suzanne+John are truly meant to be, and deeply in love.  She’s a spunky Southern girl that (sorry Suzanne!) doesn’t always eat her vegetables.  And he’s a rugged (Daniel Craig look-a-like *wink wink*) football coach that will forever treat her like the Queen that she is.  They are tying the knot this June at the beautiful Salish Lodge in an intimate ceremony with their closest family and friends.  It was extremely important for Suzanne+John to have the people they care most be apart of their special day.  And we are humbled and extremely grateful that they’ve included us by giving us the gift of capturing their wedding.  We can’t wait for June…but in the meantime, enjoy this beautiful couple’s engagement photos!

More photos in Suzanne+John’s slideshow below.  To view the slideshow in HD or if you’re on an iPad or iPhone, click HERE.