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Seattle Portrait Photography – Sara+Jason+MogulSeattle Portrait Photography – Sara+Jason+Mogul

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

I remember meeting Sara for the first time years ago, during an after-work happy hour.  At the time, Sara, Chris, and I all worked at a public accounting firm in Seattle.  Sara and I arrived earlier than the others.  I had not met her in the office but almost immediately I noticed how easy it was to talk to her.  And we sure chatted up that night.  She told me about her past in the armed forces defending our country as well as her husband, Jason.  So when she mentioned she wanted to take photos with Jason and her pup, Mogul, I could not wait to meet the rest of her family.

Sara+Jason mentioned they’ve never had professional photos taken, not even on their wedding day.  Not to mention they’ve both most recently been living overseas in Belgium for the past two years.  However, they’re in the process of moving Sara back to Seattle first, with Jason returning there for an additional year to finish school.  Knowing this, Chris+I wanted to make sure that we gave them some special photos for them to cherish while they are thousands of miles apart.

Seattle Pup Photography – Winston+Bear

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Winston+Bear are good friends.  Probably more considered brothas from different mothas.  Winston belongs to Jackie, one of our upcoming 2012 brides, so I’m sure you’ll be meeting more of his fab family soon.  But for now, just his buddy Bear will have to do.  Bear belongs to Jackie’s future mother-in-law, and these two chaps get along just swimmingly.

We took a walk through the University of Washington campus one chilly Saturday morning, and let these two run free amongst the last batch of college folk cramming for pre-holiday finals.  These two fit right in with their purposeful gait, sleepy stares, and in the case of Winston… dashing fall sweater.  So debonair!

Winston in his debonair sweater.

Bear is just so adorable with those big black eyes.

Awww just look at that face!

Again, just look at that face!

BFF's for life!

These little boys got into their treat bag!

And for good measure, my little boy Chewy!  He also came along for the ride and had fun watching his fellow pooches model.