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Seattle Family Photography | The Masuda Family | Washington Areboretum

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Fall is all about family portraits!  It’s my favorite time to take photos because of the beautiful changing leaves.  The Masuda Family took advantage of the very last good weekends in Seattle to get a set of photos taken.  The newest member of the family, Leo looks like he had a great time!  A beautiful setting for a beautiful family!!!

Seattle Engagement Photography | Priscilla+Dale | Washington Arboretum and Edmonds Beach

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Priscilla+Dale will be getting married in about four weeks and a couple of weeks ago, we were lucky enough to spend a nice Sunday afternoon with them walking in the park and on the beach.  Priscilla is a photographer’s dream.  Why?  Well, because she laughs on command!  I’ve never worked with anyone that can laugh naturally as easily as she can.  And although Dale is a little bit more serious, when we asked him to be a little silly infront of our lenses, he totally surprised us.  I wonder what the wedding day will bring out of these two.  Check out their engagement sneak peek below.

There’s more photos in Priscilla+Dale’s  slideshow below.  If you are on an iPhone or an iPhone, click HERE.

Seattle Engagement Photography | Samantha+Nicky | SoDo+Washington Arboredum

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

On a nice Saturday afternoon, we went out on a stroll through SoDo with Samantha+Nicky.  Leading up to this engagement shoot, we’ve only worked through and met with Samantha.  Nicky currently lives in Arizona as he’s helping us serve our country in the military.  Just for that, we should applaud Nicky for his dedication to our country!  We should also applaud these two for doing one of the hardest things in a relationship…maintaining a long distance relationship.  So we thought the song “Near or Far” by Carissa Rae would be suiting for their slideshow.  Hopefully after the wedding, Sam+Nicky can finally live in the same city again.

Since we haven’t met, we didn’t know what to expect from Nicky.  But we knew since Sam was such a sweet person, the person that she loves will probably be pretty cool as well.  And cool he was.  He was more than that…he was outright wonderful!  It didn’t take us long to realize Sam+Nicky are a perfect match for one another.  They are both the kind of people you meet and immediately feel comfortable to be with.  There’s no awkward small talk with these two.  They’re genuinely nice people who listens to what you have to say and laughs at your corny jokes not just to be nice but truly because they find you funny.

Sam+Nicky’s marrying this September on Whidbey Island at the gorgeous Fireseed Catering.  It is truly a fabulous location and I just can’t wait for their wedding day.  September is one of the most gorgeous months in Seattle and how fitting because Sam+Nicky are a gorgeous couple.  Just take a look and judge for yourselves!  Enjoy their engagement sneakpeek below!

Play the slideshow below for more of  Samantha+Nicky.  If you are on an iPhone or an iPhone, click HERE.

Emily+Mom+Dad | Seattle Portrait Photography | Washington Arboretum

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Emily is a small lady with a great personality.  A baby that don’t fuss or cry when forced to wake up and look cute for the cameras in the freezing fall weather.  Emily just turned one year old about a month ago and we hope she learns to walk soon.  Can you imagine this cutie pie running around clumsily?  It would be the cutest thing.  Enjoy Emily with her Mom+Pop in their sneak peek below.  Oh and one more thing, I think Mom resembles a certain famous Chinese movie/pop star.  What do you think?  Enjoy!

Can we get a “Holla!” for the Holidays!?!?

Monday, October 8th, 2012

It’s hard to believe it, but the leaves are turning color, frost is starting to appear on your vehicles as the mornings turn cooler, and you’re dusting off your boots tucked away in the back of your closet.  That’s right folks, fall is here to stay and before you know it, we’ll be chasing down turkeys and hanging up Christmas lights in no time.

Chris and I get so stressed when it comes to this time of year because in addition to everything we need to do to get ready for the holidays, we are always worried about sending out Christmas cards.  Which picture should we use?  Should we take new pictures?  If so, when should we take them?  And where should we take them?  We stress about this and before we know it, the opportunity to send cards has passed.

That’s why this year we’ve decided to make it easier for YOU!  Introducing Cindi+Chris’ first annual “Holla for the Holidays!”

We have set aside one day in early November (when the leaves are the most beautiful) at the Washington Park Arboretum for 30 minute mini sessions.  Weather-permitting, we’re planning for the 3rd, and are saving the 4th just in case weather doesn’t cooperate.

So come on down, spend a little time with us at the park, and knock out those holiday pictures!  Time slots are limited so email/facebook/tweet/messenger pigeon us to save your spot!

Seattle Portrait Photography – Theresa+Serimon+Kids

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

I’ve always loved the holiday season.  When the crisp, brisk, bite rolls into the air you just know that fabulous string of holidays closing out the year are just around the corner.  Aside from the holidays, and the omnipresent wafting seasonal latte smells, it’s the excuse to spend more time with my family that I look forward to most.

When it comes to families, there’s all kinds.  And when it comes to Theresa+Serimon+their 2 beautiful children, you can tell right away they’re the kind of family that truly loves… well, being a family.  These folks just fit together.  Like turkey+gravy.  Wait, no, sweeter… like apple pie+ice cream.

It was super chilly this past weekend when we met up for our shoot, but it wasn’t long past introductions that my heart melted.  Theresa+Serimon are super down-to-earth and kind folks.  You can’t help but feel completely at ease with them. Like those great friends you see not-often-enough.  And their little tykes Christian+Chloe? — Suave+Sassy.  And ever-so-well-behaved.  It was truly an honor to have the privilege of spending the day with this fam and capturing their precious moments.  I could go on, but I’ll spare you my word-fumbling and let the photos speak for the day.

Look at these cutie-pa-tuties!

Like Cindi and me, Theresa+Serimon LOVE photography. So it definitely meant a lot to us when they asked us to shoot for them.

Christian loves football and couldn't get enough of posing with it. :)

What a handsome little fella!