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Seattle Wedding Photography | Brooke+Corey | Novelty Hill Januik Winery

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

A girl’s wedding day is a day she usually looks and feels her best.  But when you happen to catch the stomach flu the night before your big day, that’s definitely a bummer.  In this case, the bride has every right to go bridezilla on everyone and cry her heart out.  Get as emotional as she can because it’s her day and it’s about to be ruined.  But…this bride wasn’t Brooke.  Poor Brooke felt horrible the whole day and not only did it not stop her from having a day of her life, she was the one apologizing to everyone that she was sick!  Even when she needed to be rushed to the Emergency Room after a fresh face of make up, she still had a smile on her face so that everyone around her didn’t stress out over her.  I admire her for being such a strong woman and she’s seriously one of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with.  Check out her and Corey’s lovely wedding day below and wish them a wonderful life without stomach flus!!!

There’s more photos in Brooke+Corey’s  slideshow below.  If you are on an iPhone or an iPhone, click HERE.

Seattle Wedding Photography – Maiko+Craig

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

I read before somewhere that the second most common place to meet a mate is at work.  That was sure the case for Chris and me, and it was also the case for Maiko+Craig.  What’s great about their love story is that Maiko found Craig by way of an interview… where Craig was the interviewer and Maiko was the interviewee.  As nerve-wracking as interviews can be, Craig didn’t make it better by not even looking up to say ‘Hi’ when he entered into the room and went straight into the questions.  But Maiko must have worked her charm because she was hired and the rest was history.

When we first met Maiko+Craig, I must admit, I was a little intimidated.  Before Chris and I could pull out our iPad to show images in our portfolio, Craig took out his iPad ready to fire questions and take notes.  He was intense but through their wedding planning process, we began to realize that his intensity stems from passion.  When Craig loves something, you’ll know it.  Just one example — biking has been a part of Craig’s life for a long time, and something Craig+Maiko enjoy together.  Which is why you’ll see cycling-inspired details in the wedding invites, wedding party ties, and even the getaway tandem bike.  His passion and love for Maiko is no less obvious, and apparent in his quest to see their wedding day to go on without a hitch, because it was a day she’ll remember for the rest of her life.

Maiko+Craig are both architects, and the architects Chris and I know are all extremely detail-oriented.  These two love birds are no different.  From the personalized specially-made sake cup favors, to the beautiful centerpieces made from Maiko’s favorite flowers, to the intricately made kimono Maiko changed into at the end of the night, the day went perfectly.  Not to mention they had personalized sake cup favors for all their vendors, including us! :)  We LOVED working with Maiko+Craig and wish them the best!  Enjoy the sneak peak of their beautiful wedding day.


More from their big day in Maiko+Craig’s slideshow below.  To view the slideshow in HD or if you’re on an iPad or iPhone, click HERE.